Techland Asks Daily Reaction: Do You Prefer Fast Zombies, or Slow Ones?

To end our week of AskDR specials, and celebrate waking up after Halloween, Tymon Smektala, Producer at Techland asked Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan about zombies.

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Foolsjoker2029d ago

That is the most content looking zombie in that picture.

Crazay2029d ago

LOL! Hilarious post man. You're right.

pixelsword2029d ago

Making smart career choices will do that... even for zombies.

MysticStrummer2029d ago

He ate someone who was on ecstasy, and now just wants to make out.

-Foxtrot2029d ago

I'd rather have hundreds and hundreds of slow Zombies then a smaller number of fast ones.

Least then you'll feel like your in the Zombie Apocalypse

Goro2029d ago

Agreed, That would be awesome!

Irishguy952029d ago

What about hundreds of fast ones? By day they are slow, by night you better watch your ***. Although I suppose Dying light is doing that already.

pixelsword2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

I'd also like some intelligent ones as well as some gullible ones.

Me: Why are you doing this?!
IZ: Man, have you ever ate a brain? It's delicious!

Me: Oh... really?
IZ: Yeah.

Me: Hey survivors, I found a cure for zombieism, but you have to shave your heads and baste it in gravy.
Group: Great!

(one hour later)

Me: Hmmm... that zombie was right!


(cornered on top of a tall building)

GZ: Rawr.
Me: [with a small wave of my hand while survivors are huddled behind me]

You don't need to eat my brains.
GZ: We don't need to eat your brains.

Me: These aren't the heads you're looking for.
GZ: These aren't the heads we're looking for.

Me: We can go about our business.
GZ: You can go about your business.

Me: Move along.
GZ: Move along... move along

Me: now walk off of the side of the building yelling that you love My Little Pony.
GZ: We loooove Myyyyy [flop]

Timesplitter142029d ago

I dunno... the fast ones have kinda been growing on me lately. Imagine DayZ with slow zombies. It would be pretty boring

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Sayai jin2029d ago

Hmmm. i would say a mixture of fast and slow.

zeal0us2029d ago

I prefer a mixture of both. The real question they should be asking is how to make their quest system more interesting.
Honestly never have I dread of doing a quest until I started playing Dead Island.

Brucis2029d ago

Mostly slow with some fast ones occasionally.

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