GeForce GTX 780 Ti Specifications

The information contained in a recent publication of a new single-chip flagship Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti, confirmed on the eve of the web resource, who managed to get the exact specifications of this card.

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Embolado2885d ago

$699 ouch, well it has all the makings to out perform the Titan but as a PC Gamer I still cannot bring myself to purchase a GPU that is over the $400 price range. That is just me being frugal tho.

HighResHero2885d ago

That's just a lot of people.

sinjonezp2885d ago


I agree totally. You probably can get the same performance out of two gtx760's in sli and it would be cheaper than buying just one 780ti. For me I think its bragging rights that my rig is better than your rig type of deal. I have 2 560ti 448s in sli and I can get bf4 to run in 1080p 60fps. Its just overkill. Until they make games that truly take advantage of that card. But everything has to be scalable to benefit older cards.

MidnytRain2885d ago

Maybe it's for those guys who are gaming at 1600p/4k with their resolution scale set to 200%.

Saviour2885d ago

tbh, flagship cards always underpowered if measure by price/performance ratio. peoples just think expensive=always better.

Dehnus2885d ago

That's not frugal, that's common sense. For 250 to 300 you usually have a good GPU that lasts you for quite some time. Just some people like bragging rights, I mean think about it, most games will target the middle of a generation or so ago, so what you get in the upper midrange market will last you for a while.

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sovietsoldier2885d ago

just bought a 770 will get another one later for sli and it will still be cheaper then a 780 ti or a titan even a 690.

jeffgoldwin2883d ago

It takes less technology to make 2 less efficient gpu's vs a single that's more powerful. It's always been that way. So guess what happens when you sli 780 ti?