Report: Alan Wake actor currently working with Remedy but can't say what he’s doing

Ilkka Villi is currently working with Remedy Entertainment but he can't say what it is.

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vishmarx2032d ago

hmm.....its anybody's guess.

GarrusVakarian2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Alan Wake 2, day one buy. Loved the first game.

Clover9042032d ago

I would buy Xbox one if Microsoft made Alan Wake 2. Hell, Quantum Break loosks like a potential system seller.

Sure he'll have a role in Quantum Break.

123pol2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

will buy the xbone just for alan wake 2 if it doesn't come out on pc or ps4 ( alan wake franchise is not owned by MS )

Remedy has teased that alan wake might be in Quantum break ( as easter egg or something ) so i think its that.. AW2 wont be out for least 3 years.

Neonridr2032d ago

Alan Wake franchise is not owned by MS but they did help publish the title. So unless Sony was willing to fork over money to help make the game, doubtful it will come to their system.

If MS was smart, they would either buy Remedy outright, or at least get Alan Wake exclusivity.

ATi_Elite2032d ago

Alan Wake 2 and I will get the PC version.

Bio_Mod2032d ago

.......tea bitch?

genuinly enjoyed alan wake though so i wonder what it could be.

Ron_Danger2032d ago

Well it's either one of two things: the first I can't type cause I'll get banned... The other is voice work for a game.

What else would it be?! It's not like Remedy is gonna hire a voice actor to help program a game.

Pintheshadows2032d ago

If anyone was going to hire a voice actor to help make a game it would be Capcom.

Mister_Dawg2032d ago

Would love another alan wake game.
Hopefully they'll make it more open world for exploration, which I believe the first one was meant to be before being made exclusive to the 360.

halfblackcanadian2032d ago

Where are you getting that info from? Why would exclusivity stop a game from taking advantage of a hardware?

CrossingEden2032d ago

Um, no, they decided to opt out of open world because they didn't want players to lose the narrative by doing things like doing random side missions that add nothing to the plot like in other open world games. Try looking up your facts next time before spouting nonsense.

Mister_Dawg2032d ago

Get a grip of yourself.
That's what I read from an Xbox360 mag a few years back. It was meant to be a pc game, but when MS wanted it to go to 360, the system constraints didn't allow the open world aspect of the game. That's what I read.

Now what you say may be true, but that doesn't mean you have to be an ar$ehole about it.

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