Top 10 Terrifying Levels in Horror Games

RoH writes: After a certain point in the game, it feels like you’re leading James Sunderland, the protagonist, deeper and deeper into hell. No better level gives you this feeling than The Underground. Riddled with rotten corpses being dumped into a morgue, jail cells full of invisible creatures chanting ritualistic lyrics, and constantly being forced to descend fatal falls that somehow don’t kill you, this level shocks your senses into overdrive. To top it all off, the infamous Pyramid Head is never too far behind you.

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snipab8t2031d ago

Not a horror game but that giant albino crocodile in Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb was terrifying.

Inception2031d ago

Agree on the list, except the forest in Cry of Fear because i never play the game. Personally i will replace it with (all) stages in Fatal Frame 1 or 2.

Pozzle2031d ago

The final chapter in Fatal Frame 1 was absolutely terrifying stuff. :O