5 Most Cheerful Games

Scared of the Dark? Terrified of tarantulas? Despise thin men in suits? It’s safe to say that horror gaming isn’t for everyone. In fact, aside from the occasional dare, few people really dabble with scary games. As if horror movies weren’t bad enough, titles like Slender, SCP Containment Breach and Silent Hill force players to experience shocks and scares only possible from an interactive medium. For those who prefer hugs and kisses over stalkings and screamings, Halloween is typically a pretty unpleasant affair. So what better time to take a look at some of the most calming, peaceful and cheerful games available right now. Snuggle up in bed, grab your collection of teddy bears and put on some whale sounds, let’s chill out and dig in.

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MazzingerZ2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Flower was actually very dark in parts, I wish they made it a little bit "happier" but I understan the ecological theme...anyway, my daughters stopped playing it when it turned dark, they lost interest even when I told them it would get cheerful again after certain parts. Kids are a tough audience :)

WeAreLegion2585d ago

Um... What?!?

Loco Roco is the most cheerful game and it's not on the list!

Journey is not cheerful. Endless Ocean can be cheerful at times, but the pacing is just too slow. :/ Flower is cheerful during the first few levels, but then takes a dark turn.

You're missing:

- Secret of the Magic Crystals (It's a freaking unicorn game)
- LittleBigPlanet
- Free Realms
- Katamari (Any of them)