Call of Duty Resolution History: Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4

"How Call of Duty's resolution looks over the ages, beginning with Call of Duty: World at War to Call of Duty: Ghosts."

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tigertom532031d ago

That is pretty big difference ;o(

obliterator2031d ago

Except some people have suddenly developed eye diseases and can't spot differences.


Blackdeath_6632031d ago

indeed reddit has been particularly hilarious today just read some of this for a good laugh

mistertwoturbo2031d ago

If people can't tell the difference with this, then seriously they should just stick with the Xbox 360 or go see an optometrist.

Angels37852031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

On reddits xbox page (which is usualy heavily biased)...something beautiful is happening....THERE IS PEACE the playstation fans and xbox fans are just plain talking...and helping people consider their options......I haven't seen an event happen like this in years......

First No_Limit converts misterx falls to his knees in reality with no spin and now this???? (Seriously look at misterx's page....its cannot believe it still him)

ITS RAINING FREAKING CATS AND DOGS.....I never thought I'd see the day....

OT: I think people really could use the visual. As numbers aren't as appealing and they don't display the difference in the same way.

2031d ago
Kayant2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )


Shame there's no fix for the poor AA but contrast/colour can be somewhat tweaked with your tv/monitor settings ....

The thing is DF's comparison is hard to trust considering they admired messing up their XB1 capture. Only in DF's comparison is where you see the colours appear so washed out on PS4. Look at this 60fps MP gameplay -->

Gamespot's IQ is not great but it's 60fps :p

Look at jackfrags capture now the colours are fine in that so what's going on here.

By saying that you're also indirectly saying XB1 has the best IQ overall even better than PC (loool) because if you look at the images on DF PC/PS4 have similar IQ but with PS4 appearing more washed out/blurry.

Xsilver2031d ago

this KZ 1080p

This is Ryse 900p actually 1080p these are the PC ones.

and the Real BF4 comparison 6:05 have fun oh yeah the PS4 version is better :3 and you shouldn't use pics because allot of them are being Photoshop-ed if you didn't know yet.

AlexanderNevermind2031d ago

When X1 was announced, I for one was concerned from the very beginning. They were building an entertainment hub 1st and a gaming console 2nd. For me personally I want my gaming console to be just that gaming 1st.

MS chose this path so now they will have to play 2nd fiddle to the PS4 where it comes to graphics.

All is not lost for X1 fans, at least you can SNAP to your favorite show quickly lol.

Ju2031d ago

There is no ambient lighting in the XO shots. Look at how lighting is applied in the scene. No "fog", everything in the distance is lit the same. In contrast to the PS4 version. It does not look better, but you are just used "steril" images, I suppose.

Brix902031d ago


The last gif you can see the PS4 is noticabily better. Sorry bro but your confusing the better colors for darker contrast nothing you can't do with your tv.

Take a look at this

mp12892031d ago

When you want to hit somebody from across the map, it could make all the difference.

ziggurcat2031d ago

@ j-blaze:

you're blind if you think BF4 has better lighting/colours on xbone... or you're so used to having the worst calibration settings on your TV that that's what you're used to seeing instead of something that's properly ISF calibrated (which is what the PS4 version looks like).

GribbleGrunger2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Even those high contrast, crushed blacks screenshots show a distinct difference in quality that favours the PS4. Since admitting the mistake DF made with the capture of PS4 footage, things are clearly even worse for the X1 console.

It's over kid. It's time to accept the truth and pick your console. If you like Xbox exclusives then go for that system but the nonsense about up clocking, secret sauce, hidden chips, power of cloud and 'equality' ends here, now. It's time to grow some balls.

mewhy322031d ago

that graphic is awesome in this article. It really puts into perspective the missing pixels from the bone.

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pyramidshead2031d ago

That's a real big eye opener when it's put together like that sheesh.

From that perspective it's a huge leap.

Riderz13372031d ago

What do you mean? There is no difference between 720P and 1080P. Just look at this...

T22031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Wow sht is blowing up today even on xbox fan sites .... Pretty much just demolished my chance to just stroll into walmart and buy a ps4 now , huh ?
In my view ms should just release kinectless sku with forza for 399 and be done with it .... They gonna need AAA game sauce to survive this gen

svoulis2031d ago

@ j-blaze

Your point? It looks great especially considering the MP will run at 60fps (second screenshot is MP)

They obviously have to tweak the graphics to compensate.

and The BF4 footage is already null and void as its been proven by lots of sources PS4 is the superior version running close to PC on high.

They also confirmed those images from the footage captured by DF were botched on both lets wait and see.

But you keep holding onto that thread. Nothings wrong with XO, its just more proof that speculations were right all along is all.

Infamous2982031d ago

what bother me most that xbox one can't even run cross gen game like COD at 1080p, that's embarassing for a "next gen" console.

lifeisgamesok2031d ago

Kinda like how Knack has problems running on the Ps4

ambientFLIER2031d ago

Yet it can run a much more graphically intensive BF4 just fine? How about the 1080P forza that looks gorgeous? Give me a break, it's obviously a case of poor optimization by EA.

Infamous2982031d ago

@ambientFLIER forza 5 looks gorgeous, LOL give me a break.

culpepper5162031d ago

I'm wondering if IW would've made Ghosts more equal on both consoles if Microsoft didn't strike a deal with EA for BF4. Food for thought...

resi52031d ago

But bf4 isnt even equal on both.

TAURUS-5552031d ago

the difference is unbelievable, wow the PS4 is winning the console war quite easily

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CaptainCamper2031d ago

Wasn't the Xbox One resolution verified yesterday?

Xsilver2031d ago

well damn that difference.

sigfredod2031d ago

Lol looking at that graphic all the resolutions are very close to each other and then you need to go all the way up to see the PS4 resolution

Wikkid6662031d ago

And the worst was by PS3

Wikkid6662031d ago Show
Brix902031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

For COD and some multi plats. Yes.

Mikeyy2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )


Relevant? Nope.

Wikkid6662031d ago

It's a discussion on resolution... so why isn't it relevant? Just as relevant as saying PS4 is 1080p.

The fact is any developer can have issues getting a game up to the resolution they want on any system.

Wintersun6162031d ago


Ok, let's just say it is relevant.

If it makes you sleep better at night.

svoulis2031d ago

Here ya go :D

Did this on PC. Nothing doctored, Simply cranked all settings up captured at 1080p and 720p. Upscaled the 720p to 1080p.

Enjoy.. Hope this helps.

You decide if it matters.

Angels37852031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

While it does look a bit clearer at 1080p it doesn't do it justice in the same way as when you're playing it. The differences start to get more noticable when you zoom in a little bit and look at his hand for instance.

Edit: @below

Where did that come from?...yes it does...and I already see a difference between the two....don't know why you gave that random tip. Plus I said above I DID zoom in.

svoulis2031d ago

your browser doesnt show 1080p until you click on the image to zoom in. once you do that you will see it in 1080p.

jetlian2031d ago

cod 2 was a full 720p as well and it doesn't look better than blop2. if all 1080p produced is sharper trees keep 720p on xbo.

use the power on something else.

sigfredod2031d ago

Good job, is a great GIF, notice that the 720p image is actually already upscaled to 1080p and you sure can tell the difference