Next Gen Kinda Sucks

The next gen isn't really that impressive if you think about it.

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Drewidian2034d ago

To be honest, he's right in terms of the gaming. I'm not interested in the PS4 simply because its just better graphics than the PS3. Yes, there are some enhancements you can do with a better graphics engine, but really.. there's nothing that my PC can't do. The Xbox One on the other hand seeks to unify TV, Gaming (albeit even less capabilities than the PS4 in this regard), Communications, and the social aspects bring a unified experience that I am looking forward to.

The TV stuff alone excites me as I watched the US Presidential debates on the Xbox One and it was very interesting to see viewer poll data in near instant results come back from questions I answered. There's good and bad about that, but I can see instantly where this will not only impact interviews, but could allow interaction with the audience. I can also see choosing challenges for Survivor contestants. Doesn't appeal to me but for those who loyally watch there's value for them.

My wife wants the One to work out with her sisters who are spread across the country. They are going to use it and Skype at the same time. There's potential for personal trainers there to have special classes since Skype can host up to 25 users at the same time.

I can see Distance Learning revolve around Skype. Classes and exams that have instant feedback on any subject. An instructor could even select you to ask him a question. There's lots of potential for eduction.

I know most people here don't care about the other things the Xbox one can do, but it can reach a much broader base and has more uses than the PS4. MS can form a lot of partnerships to build custom apps and support many different functions and I think after the "hard core" gamer community has seen the initial run, we'll see some of those partnerships announced.

Godmars2902034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

And what's stopping you or your wife from doing all that on your PC, without the XBL fees just to have access to all of the console's features?

The excitement's dimmed for me on the PS4, mainly because there's jack news concerning JRPGs and SP gaming. I don't want a COD or Battlefield, I want a Starfox, Spyhunter or Folklore.

Still, the Viacom deal is a big question mark which does have my interest, as well as all of the MMO offerings the PS4 is going to get. If Ultima Next comes to the system then that will really change my mind.

Drewidian2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

The PC is fine, but its services are not as integrated and it costs a lot more to do this than on the Xbox One. My PC is in my office which I don't want anyone else to use. The Xbox One is for everyone and has the Kinect for my wife to use when she wants to exercise and for the kids to have grandma Skype and read to them before bed.

The Viacom deal is small potatoes compared to what MS has. At last count there were over 50 different partnerships with various cable/satellite tv services world wide. Sony had 17. MS is far ahead of Sony in this regard since you can get in the us Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, AT&T Uverse, Dish Network, and a few others to work let alone the individual apps that they have. Most of the Cable/satellite companies stream all of their channels or even have that content on demand. There's even Sky in the UK and there was even one in Austrailia. MS has stated that they want to roll out all services everywhere Live is supported. Take a look for yourself.

So far everything Sony has (excluding some Japanese services) MS has. The Viacom deal is nice but nothing to really brag about since you can pretty much get the same content on Xbox Live. MTV, Nickelodeon, etc.

MS has reportedly a number of shows in various stages of development including the Halo one. You can easily google it and find articles related to MS and TV like this one.

I think this is important simply because it offers them to do things like make a weekly contest where the winner gets their gamertag/spartan to star in the show as a secondary character giving that person instant world wide immortalized bragging rights. Imagine the possibilities. We'll have to see, but if they do that, I know alot of people who will be picking up that controller to compete.

dcj05242034d ago

You have killzone and knack. Those2 seem to have decent SPs.

Yetter2033d ago

I hear this argument all the time but it isn't valid. Of course a PC could do everything the XB1 could do but it would take some serious customization, hell you might even have to write your own software. Consoles will never compete with PC's on a raw performance level. It just isn't possible at their price point, so what they lack in power they make up by providing a unique experience.

2034d ago
Godmars2902034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

While Sony's Viacom deal is largely an unknown, it does have a chance at upsetting the current cable structure in the US whereas MS only further entrenches it.

Also, Sony's working on their own shows. Have game movies coming. Not expecting much from them either.

Look, if you want to get an XB1, that's fine.

What get's me about your comments however is that they come off as essays trying to sell the system to others. That's stupid and it just needs to stop. You're not going to convince anyone who hasn't already been convinced.

Drewidian2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

I'm not trying to sell it to anyone I'm merely explaining why I and my family want it. I do my research, come to my conclusions and explain why I make the decisions I do rather than just say that I like one product over another. To me far too few people explain why they make the decisions they do and as a result we see some of the rampant fanboyism.

I'll take your comment regarding how I explain my decision into consideration. It always has bothered me how difficult it can be to explain some things without sounding condescending or being inflammatory. I try to be rational and listen to people's motives for why they believe or want what they want and evaluate if their point of view is relevant to my own perceptions or decisions. Its why I explain my pov, but I'm not trying to change anyone's mind.

Yetter2033d ago

From my understanding of Sony's viacom deal it is very similar to the deals that MS already has in place with several content providers worldwide. If it is just provided VOD for viacom programming there isn't anything groundbreaking here it is literally exactly what the 360 has been doing and expanding on for the past 2 years but if I'm wrong please correct me. I've searched for more details on this deal but have come up with nothing. And just so you're aware, xbox bought their own TV studio specifically to make content for XBL subscribers. Of course there is the HALO TV show which I'm sure you're aware of but it also looks like they own the rights to 'Heroes' and 'Blake 7' which they are planning on rebooting. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I saw a completely unconfirmed rumor that they are trying to revive Futurama and bring it to their platform.

Godmars2902033d ago

The big unknown with the Sony/Viacom deal is whether or not a cable box and full subscription will be needed. If its just PS4 apps for Viacom channels with add/hock subscription, its likely to be cheaper than a regular cable service. That could be a big deal depending how quickly they get support up.

Also, Sony has movie studios. I wouldn't expect much in the way content of any real worth regardless. Just something attached to a name.

Computersaysno2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Virtually none of that actually matters to gamers on a gaming site.

Microsoft have already got multi tasking, media machines, they are called PCs.

They can also do everything you could really want and more and better than Xbox One could at less of the cost. Hell, an Android box could do more than Xbox one could just because it is open source- at a FRACTION of the hardware cost.

Xbox one's media stuff sounds interesting but to anyone with a PC/HTPC/Laptop, I just fail entirely to see the point paying an awful lot for the machine inferior to a PC you can customise yourself, and the fact to get half this Xbox Live stuff to work you'll also be tied to their gold paywall every year.

You'll have to pay. Just to use stuff that is free elsewhere.

Finally their cable content or media whatever you want to call it is only ever going to work inside the United States if it actually works at all. Its pointless hooking up a set top box elsewhere unless it ADDS some value.

You just know they aren't going to go to every country they have the box in, and tie up a raft of expensive licences so the integration is on par with North america.




So forget about this wider audience claim because Europe and Japan/Asia will never be convinced by that. Sky and Virgin tv in the uk for example have made clear they really have zero interest in the Xbox one right now. They have too much to lose and that old question of 'who owns the customer' will mean Microsoft are likely to be slapped down if they try to sort a deal, as many people have suspected already happened in the summer with Sky.

Its such an American focused machine, their worldwide launch showing off NFL integration and whatnot- nobody actually cares about that outside of the USA. Trust me, it might be a big deal in the USA, but absolutely nowhere else I have ever been.

People buy a games console to play games and have a games focused environment, thats entirely the point.

If they want half of what Xbox One has they will probably own a laptop or PC or TV box that can already do it. Integrating some of it together might be interesting except for the fact it'll cost them a huge hefty fee for the closed Xbox hardware to do it and the aforementioned gold fee every year.

Games console. Games console remember that. These machines will live and die on their games.

Sayai jin2034d ago

For me I am only getting a total of 3 to 4 games on both systems combined....right now I am only interested in KZ, DR3, and maybe Ryse. Still trying to get more gameplay footage of knack.

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EXVirtual2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Maybe for you, but not for me. I'm not even getting a PS4 at launch, but I'm very excited to get one. I'm excited to play The Division, I'm excited to play inFamous Second Son and I'm excited to pick up the Witcher 3. Those are just some of the games I'm excited for.
That's just me. There are loads of people excited for what the next-gen has to offer. Not everyone likes the PC. The PS4 has 1 million+ pre-orders from Gamestop alone. People are excited.
It's always the same when a new gen hits. There's this pessimistic crap that goes around at the beginning and then words are eaten later on. It's just the launch of the PS4/XBO. It's one chapter of the gen, if that. Don't judge a 6-7 year gen off of the launch.

mafiahajeri2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

People said the same crap just before the ps3 and 360 came out and then they happily ate their words down the line...

Some people also forget that a lot of people can't afford a gaming PC and then continue to upgrade it, a 400$ console that provides the graphics we are seeing is impressive. This guys journalism skills are not.

elhebbo162034d ago

$400 at launch might be cheap. but add new release games at $60 and $50-60 yearly subscription fees and that price adds up BIG. in 2-3 years you would be paying full price for game that cant even run to its full potential. heck BF4 is not even 1080p on the next gen consoles and they still struggle to hold that 60fps when explosions go down. a fx6300 with a 7950 and 8gb of ddr3 ram can easily run BF4 at medium settings 1080p/60 fps, and thats a little over $500 if you build it yourself. so yea PC gaming is way cheaper.

qu1ckset2034d ago

$500 my ass , aren't you forgetting the hard drive , motherboard , psu, case and operating system if your not pirating , plus you "fx6300 with a 7950 and 8gb of ddr3 ram" will cost much more then $500 and not everyone feels comfortable building there own PC

I love PC and I'm still getting ps4 but get out of here with your bullshit comment and a $500 PC with those specs..

plaZeHD2033d ago

500$? oh really even a single graphics card cost more than that.
PC gamers try to make people believe that gaming PCs are cheap where in reality gaming PCs are extremely expensive. A fully functional PC that you build and runs everything at max will cost you waaaaaaaaay more than 1000$.
I have tried PC gaming and it's awesome, but I don't think it's worth the money. You don't get what you pay for.

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