Battlefield 4 Could Be Deliberately Downgraded For The PlayStation 4

Eskimo Press: "Battlefield 4 is one of the most anticipated first-person shooter games of both current and next-gen consoles. Despite running on 6 year old tech, like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the game still looks amazing. But it's the next-gen versions that people are truly excited about (that is to say you are not a PC gamer). Unfortunately, after seeing both next-gen versions in action I was a little disappointed. At first glance, the Xbox One version looked better. This didn't sit right with me, so I did some research... and my findings were very peculiar."

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Xwow20081910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Its not downgraded its just DF digital foundry face off was so bad that made the xbox sometimes looks as good or better than both PC and ps4 version(same with ign but not as bad as DF).

See jackfrags videos in youtube, The ps4 MP really looks better than the xbox one SP.

FiLTHY ESKiMO1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

In the video posted in the article, you can clearly see some effects completely missing from the PlayStation 4 version. I guess the author's speculation is that those effects weren't added (or maybe removed) on the PlayStation 4 because it can't handle it, but rather to keep the graphical difference between both next generation consoles minimal.

But she is right. It is very peculiar that the Xbox One is running BF4 on a (almost) sub-HD resolution; 1080x720p.

Xwow20081910d ago

The Xbox one is the 1 missing effects like the AO.

monkeyDzoro1910d ago

She believed those effects were removed, not because PS4 can't handle it, BUT to narrow the gap between the nearly sub-HD X1 version and the PS4 version, since EA and MS are now sleeping together.

raWfodog1910d ago

Maybe MS has their multiplatform game policy in effect that stipulates no multiplatform game can look better on another console. They had it for the current gen (360), maybe they have it for the X1 also.

123pol1910d ago

xwow2008 ... both ps4 and xbone is missing AO

Elzer1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Producing more detail in exchange to lowering the resoultuion then upscaling the final product in result producing a much better quality game, upscaled 1080p > native 1080p.

It's called "trade offs" do some research and stop defending the PS4 In every way you can.

Xbox one has better dept detail. It's fact. And it's not just contrast. It has better shaders overall. People can complain it looks to dark all they want.

If 720p will be the final resolution for xbox one version's of battlefield I can only conclude that just like RYSE they didn't "downgrade" to 900p, they choose to for trade offs in making the game look much better. The recent ryse footage looks way better than the E3 build which claimed it was running at native 1080p compared to its final state of 900p. Game looks crazy! Xbox one has crazy good upscalers. Look it up its "fact!"

MrPerfect8131910d ago

WTF is 1080x720p... how does one get that resolution :-)

FiLTHY ESKiMO1910d ago

1280 x 720! Sorry... wow... that sucked :)

1910d ago
SanMarco1910d ago

Heres the real difference. Paid vs the Truth. These websites all get paid to sway peeps in favor of the person who pays them.

The truth comes from the youtubers. JackFrags and other fellow youtubers were invited to DICE personally to give honest facts on the final product. unbiased. PC elitist.

They all agree both versions are great! but a slight edge to PS4.

pedrof931910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )


Better dept detail ? Better shaders ?

I want what you're smoking.

Do you know whats a fact ?

The capture system weren't the same. Search yesterday posts.

LOL upscaled 1080 is better than native ? Whatever.

Every reviewer SAID THAT PS4 VERSION WAS SUPERIOR, EVERY SINGLE ONE.They went even saying that Ps4 was close to PC.
I understand that at a first look (on the videos posted on youtube) X1 version looks better, thats because "The capture system weren't the same."

This is all based on facts, not fanboyism.

G20WLY1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Nobody should give this trash site the hits it's so clearly hungry for. Offer proof or GTFO.

All they do is troll and bait for clicks, offering no worthwhile information, but instead inflammatory speculation.

Mr X, watch your back, these guys want your crown...

lsujester1910d ago

Not only are some effects missing, but some things are completely changed like your character's camo style and how the clouds are black instead of white.

To me, it almost looks like DICE didn't try that hard in making the PS4 version. Whether it was due to some deal with MS (entirely possible) or laziness on DICE's part (also possible), I don't know.

I understand that it's a different API and slightly different hardware, but some things are so blatantly different between versions that you wonder if they even bothered to work on the PS4 version at all past getting it past some arbitrary "good enough" level.

Ashunderfire861910d ago

Look at the video again. Its the X1 version that is missing detail, like the camouflage design from the main character on the PS4 version. You see very little camouflage design on the X1 version(Just Look at his sleeves while he holds the gun). There is a lot more clouds in the PS4 version than the X1 version.

VENOMACR12271909d ago

IDK why it even matters. I mean come on, the game looks AWESOME on both systems. If your buying a PS4, game looks great. Buying is on X1, game looks great. So who cares? I'm buying an X1, it doesnt matter to me if the shadows or the lighting is slightly better on the PS4. The gameplay will be the same on both systems and honestly, your too busy flying a jet, driving a tank, blowing up buildings, and getting shot at to stop and look at a crane or a wall and go "ya know what, that could be smoother. I bet the PS4/X1 looks better." It's so miniscule who really cares as long as your version looks good and plays good.

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Jazz41081910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

how does proving articles like this help this gaming communuty. It doesnt and a divided house will fall. If you really care quit giving eskemofat hits and many other known hate rumor sites the time of day. There is more to life then which console performs game better.

Hicken1910d ago

It makes it harder for companies to get away with lying to us. Which means they have to be truthful. Which means we don't get screwed over. So they have to produce better products to earn our money.

It SHOULD work out that way, anyway. But too many people are willing to believe the lies, anyway.

GribbleGrunger1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Yeah, it wasn't downgraded at all. It's just that suddenly lower framerates, lower resolution, less effects and excessive aliasing are ok as long as you have a higher contrast, even though it causes crushed blacks. EXTRAORDINARY!

Pintheshadows1910d ago

It is quite mind boggling.

GribbleGrunger1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

It just got worse though. Wait til the COD: Ghost news hits N4Gs, if it hasn't already

trywizardo1910d ago

im reading and laughing you guys made my day , sonybots are really amusing these days
well carry on , keep it up i won't bother you

tigertom531910d ago

AO effects on xbox one said they will be added in the final version plus more effects, so xbox one version is still not final code from what the developers said. we still need to wait until it is released...

BoriboyShoGUN1910d ago

both consoles are receiving an update at launch for the visuals!

Withdreday1909d ago

And? 1080p > 720p

End of story.

tigertom531909d ago

I guess you can say that with the news of Call of Duty Ghost

1910d ago
FITgamer1910d ago

IGN just posted a Xbox One MP video it looks terrible. Part of me feels like it's actually 360 gameplay.

popup1910d ago

The short of it is that the devs could easily make the PS4 version technically match the Xbox One (freeing up plenty of previously used resources). Just don't ask them to try it the other way around.

Low settings, Sharpness +9, Saturation +4, Contrast +3, fingers crossed.

FanboyKilla1909d ago Show
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xboned_you1910d ago

Lol they will say anything to sleep better at night I see! Xbox version looked better and it was an older build compared to the PS4 version so just imagine the final product! GDDR WHAT?

GarrusVakarian1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Is your entire purpose on this website to troll?

The X1 version looked better IN YOUR OPINION. My opinion is that the PS4 version was better looking. See, opinions are fun!

The PS4 screenshots ive seen look really washed out but the JackFrags gameplay ive seen of the PS4 multiplayer didn't look washed out or blurry at all. It looked crisp and smooth as butter with vivid colours. Watch it for yourself. I call BS, the PS4 version runs at a higher framerate (indisputable) and a higher resolution (indisputable).

Also, i don't think there is anyone less biased on the internet than JackFrags, he is a PC gamer mainly and frequently says how he doesn't care for console fanboys or bias. So naturally, i would rather take his opinion that he PS4 version looks better and his footage and judge that over other sources.

And i think all of us can agree that Digital Foundry has lost all its credibility now. So judging the game based off what DF has shown doesn't make any sense to me.....


"Even with that being said the Xbox one version is still cleaner more vivid and has better textures! "

Did you even read my comment? JackFrags has PS4 MP gameplay that shows the game not looking blurry or washed out at all.

Ketzicorn1910d ago

Anyone that's not blind agrees with you.

Xsilver1910d ago

true on Jackfrags vids the PS4 didn't look washed out or blurry so idk know whats going on with DF.

FiLTHY ESKiMO1910d ago

The author forgot to mention that the PS4 version is also up-scaled to 1080p via software. The results are far from impressive; muddy textures and washed-out colours. This could explain some of the differences, but the entire lack of certain effects is unacceptable, in my opinion. I really doubt that it is because the PlayStation 4 cannot handle it because, trust me, KillZone Shadow Fall well proved what the PS4 is capable of.

xboned_you1910d ago

You mad or real mad? Cause you edited your comment like 3x! Even with that being said the Xbox one version is still cleaner more vivid and has better textures! Numbers are only half the story (indisputable)

scott1821910d ago

I actually prefer the more natural colors and lighting on the PS4 version, it's a lot like the PC version. I thought at first I liked the X1 version more, but it is almost fake it is so dark in some places, why did they make it like that? And distant objects in screenshots are smooth on the PS4 version and not on the X1 version. Just some things I have noticed.

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FlunkinMonkey1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

So PS4 was running at a higher resolution, had AA (One had NONE), and every single CRITIC has said the PS4 is superior.. You need to take a step back and take an objective viewpoint.

Another toddler hiding behind his 5/6/7th account.. Like a schizophrenic on N4G except every single one of you is acting like they haven't lost their virginity.

"GDDR WHAT"? Here we go.. Clueless buffoonery . You have no idea what you are talking about do you? (No need to respond).

You guys on the MS camp really are trying hard after being made to look utterly stupid wk in wk out.. It's like any slither of 'good' news you get, you clutch on for dear life. You are so desperate to get some good news that you fabricate it.. Utterly bizarre.

monkeyDzoro1910d ago


What you seem NOT to understand is : the footage in the video uploaded in this article was botched by DF. Idk what happened but they f*ckde with their capturing devices. They admitted it THEIRSELVES.

You've seen JackFrags vids ? Those vids were damn beautiful, even the X1 version. And there wasnt washed colors, or blurry textures on PS4 for BF4... multiplayer ! And one knows that MP is always a bit downgraded compared to SP.
That, imo, implies the SP looks even better. PS4 MP was on par (a tiny bit above) X1 BF4 singleplayer.

DF have been very keen on defending X1 hardware lately. Many "damage control" PR talk/interview posted on their sites. And one could legitimately ask himself, whether or not, they screwed those vids ON PURPOSE.

FiLTHY ESKiMO1910d ago

John's statement about botched upload was retracted. Their findings still stand, Monkey.

monkeyDzoro1910d ago

You are so dumb. Why would they retract it so rapidly ? A "so-called" progamer site, not even able to match an individual (JackFrags) when it comes to capturing vids ? There is a problem, a huge one.
Dont know who is the real monkey between both of us. My username has "monkey" in it, but it appears you ARE the true one.

Ketzicorn1910d ago

Didn't they already have an article about how DF botched their upload? So why are we still using their information?

GarrusVakarian1910d ago

Exactly, deliberately darkened X1 and upscaled PS4 footage that made it look blurry. Every gaming critic is saying that the PS4 version looks better but because ONE website shows the X1 version looking better then that's the opinion that X1 fans are hanging onto and completely ignoring the others.

StrangerX1910d ago

They were both upscaled to1080p, no excuses

FiLTHY ESKiMO1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Hi Ketz. DF retracted John's statement about a botched upload. Their findings still stand, and they are still very curious about the differences between the two.

New freelancer John Linneman made comments online suggesting that the workflow was in error and that there wasn't time to correct it. We love John, but he wasn't privy to the workflow of last week's events, nor involved in any of the internal discussions we had. While his heart was in the right place, his post doesn't accurately reflect the facts as they stand and they are certainly not official comment from Digital Foundry.

My source:

Ketzicorn1910d ago

So they retracted a retraction? Sounds like a reliable source there.

venom061910d ago

stupid article trying to start a flamewar... useless.. DICE has already said they're downgrading anything... this author is a SONY FANBOY thats dissapointed that his choice systme IS NOT much better looking than the XBOX 1

itisallaboutps1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

To keep it short. Xbox one gives the impression that it looks better because of the cheap dirty lighting trick, Hell I thought the textures also looked better, but uf you get up close and personal they aren't. the ps4 is the winner here.