Wild New Invizimals TV Spot

A brand-new TV Spot for Sony's monster battling Invizimals franchise has been released, showing off the AR functionality of PlayStation Vita exclusive Invizimals: The Alliance; as well as its cross-play functionality with its PlayStation 3 counter part Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom.

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H4all3007d ago

got my attention..
will grab this one on vita..
look's cool..
really wan't to EVOLVE the monster..

remanutd553007d ago

What? sony advertising a psvita game? am i dreaming? is it real?

Vitalogy3007d ago

Well, it's out in the Portuguese PS Store at €24,99 and I haven't seen a single tv spot or anything related. In fact the Portuguese PS website states the game will be out in October 2013, not even the day was displayed and I can't confirm which day the game was put in the store as I only looked for it today.

Also I can confirm that there's a trial available which I am downloading right now and its 1634Mb *autch*