Wal-Mart Bundles 360

Wal-Mart is doing its part to increase Xbox 360 sales. Newly available in stores are two Wal-Mart exclusive 360 bundles. For $399.99 gamers can choose between the MotoGP 06 and Burnout Revenge bundles. Each comes with the respective game, one controller, a 360 and a hard drive. This is the exact same price as your average non-bundled Premium System Xbox 360.

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Mikey_Gee4464d ago

Maybe now my brother-in-law will stop holding out. He really wants a 360, but doesn't like spending money.


THWIP4464d ago

Basically, you're paying full retail for the 360, and getting a game you could buy used for $15-$20 now...or rent for a week for $6-$8. Nobody is buying these games, so they use them to give the illusion that you're getting a $60 discount...when you're really not getting ANYTHING.
If you want to move consoles, bundle them with the hottest titles...plain and simple. Oblivion, Gears of War, Dead Rising, SC:DA (didn't like it, but it'll sell well)...hell, even COD2 or a new Madden/NBA game would be better than this.

PS360PCROCKS4464d ago

You don't get it do you? It's FREE

THWIP4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

...because FREE crap that nobody wants, is pointless and worthless. If you took either of those games, unopened, to EB or Gamestop, they MIGHT give you $15.00.

By comparison, the bundle deal I got from Sam Goody at launch, saved me over $100...and I got to PICK the 2 games that I wanted.

Mikey_Gee4464d ago

I can see what you are saying to a certain degree. But also consider that not everyone has a "Sam Goody" store. I have never even heard of that store.

Marriot VP4464d ago

thwip, come on enough. Poeple love the game burnout and that game got good reviews on the 360. Yah barely anybody's buying them but why keep them on the shelves and not bundle them just because you think their crap and they could do better. They aren't going to bundle 50-60 dollar titles like GOW or splinter cell because that's not smart business. You'd be loosing 50 bucks per console as opposed to a developer selling his game for 5-10 with the 360.

This is really only the beginning of the 360 bundles and they aren't going to go all out just to satisfy your expectations.

It takes time, and if you want a 360 for 350 brand new go on and get one with a new 60 dollar game.

THWIP4464d ago

Burnout Revenge was an XBOX port, with a little HD polish. Alot of people had already played the game months prior.

And yes, I know there will be other bundles...I'm simply pointing out the crappiness of these bundles.

Marriot VP4464d ago

like we don't know it's a mediocre or crappy couple games. The fact is that xbox360rocks was pointing out is that it's free and to most people it means something.

and duhh, people can be mindless cattle, hence some fanboys. Your not correcting or telling anybody wrong here, your just complaining.

dantesparda4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

While i understand what THWIP is saying, its still is a better deal than just the plain old vanilla Premium package (which doesnt even come with the remote anymore, even though i never used it, hey anybody wanna buy or trade for something a 360 remote?). And I agree that Burnout is just a little better than the Xbox ver. But MotoGP is (and Im sorry) one crappy looking game! what a blurry mess! (and p.s. I am basing that on the demo, but I cant imagine the full game looking that much better) and thats a shame, cuz i remember when i first saw the first one on the Xbox (also as a demo, Im big on demos) I thought that it looked really good. And MotoGP on the 360 is supposed to have used the other cores to smooth out the framerate. And Im sorry but its crap! its not even all that smooth and does roughen up, sigh!

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Marriot VP4464d ago

dante, even though I'm not a fan of racers the whole blurry problem is probably your HDTV. Is it an LCD or flat screen, just tell me the model type.

The graphics were pretty great, there was no blurry or ghosting on my TV. That's not a game problem thats a TV problem.

dantesparda4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

I have it hooked up to my computer monitor, running it at 720P, and its not the monitor, its the game. Otherwise, every other game would look blurry too

jdktech20104464d ago

Do you think they will come out with a better bundle (either retail or Microsoft created) before the launch of the PS3. I'm doing all I can to wait as long as I have to buy a 360. If people honestly think they will come up with something better in a week or two then I might wait, but if not I will probably buy this package. Granted Burnout revenge is no halo but I loved burnout 2 and 3 on the xbox so I wouldn't mind having this game (I just wouldn't buy it outright). please feel free to leave HELPFUL comments towards my situation.

DEIx15x84464d ago

November 17th till the 20th i think will be the best deals on the 360 that you will be seeing until next Christmas. Microsoft will definitely want to try and compete hard with the launch of the PS3 and Wii and all those people that fail to get one will want a little extra incentive to switch to the 360 right away instead of waiting and trying to get one again.

Remmy4463d ago

Is free, anything free is welcome