IGN AU Time Crisis 4 review

Patrick Kolan writes:

''Those PS3-owning, closet Nintendo Wii fans out there who have longed for an IR-sensor dongle with which to adorn their screens can take solace – Namco has the ornament you've been waiting for. Sure, the two-piece sensor unit will set you back a modest sum, but look at it this way – you're getting a bonus infrared GunCon 3 light gun and a halfway-decent game packed in for the privilege.

In all seriousness, Time Crisis 4 marks the debut of light gun, semi on-rails shooters on PlayStation 3 – and the good news is that it's everything you'd expect and a little bit more, even. On the flipside, it's rough-edged and lacks some of the accuracy and gameplay finesse of past games in the series, due to the new IR sensor.''

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