Videopreview: Haze multiplayer: interview with Derek Littlewood

The movie tells us more about the upcoming game PS3-game Haze.
Enjoy also the interview with Derek Littlewood.

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crillyconlig3831d ago a nice change from cod4 online, maps look rather large, but would of liked clans tho.

Grannyvukka3831d ago

Getting it..Love Free Rads games.....Can't wait, and would prefer this to be coming out on 29th instead of GTA4.....I'm more excited for this game than the game everyone is creaming their pants for.

kwicksandz3830d ago

Free radical are great FPS devs. they know how to make a great MP game.

m-s-8-23830d ago

Why do people keep saying the graphics in this game suck? Even in a low quality vid they look good to me.

jkhan3830d ago

I hope this game turns out well. It had pretty bad press regarding its delays and graphics.

DFresh3830d ago

Great Show!
Another great PS3 Exclusive and FPS to look forward to playing this upcoming Month.
Can't wait to play the demo on PSN in a couple of weeks.
Free Radical did a great job making this game and I look forward to playing it soon.