Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – PS3 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Take a look at the graphics comparison between Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on current gen vs next gen

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ic3fir31820d ago

ps4 version is 2% better lol

pedrof931820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

The Ps4 version loads faster, the textures have clearly way better resolution, the shadows are way better on Ps4,on the Ps3 version there is a very noticeable blur, not to mention the difference in the fog. But I have to agree that the character models are quiet similar.

If you watch on Full Size there differences are quiet obvious.

I believe a 50 % better.


You also can notice aliasing on the Ps3 version.

DoomeDx1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Obvious? 50% Better?

Your a fanboy.
Im getting the ps4 with killzone shadow fall. But saying that PS4 version looks 50% better is bullshit.

They just didnt spend alot of time making the next-gen version look good. (Making a game on so many platforms is a hard thing to do)

Studio-YaMi1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

You can see AA on the rope @ 00:55 in the second video,you can see that the rope and most of the scene does have aliasing all over.

The difference is minimum though,maybe a 20% boost in visuals & physics I would say.

You're right about them not changing much in the PS4 version other than small tweaks here and there,but why call him a fanboy over it? he see's the percentage as 50%,I see it as 20% & you may see only 10%.

Nothing wrong with that.

There is also the water & the blur effect with the character they did on the PS3 version to boost frame rate while they didn't on the PS4.

Ares84HU1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Just by looking at these videos the most noticeable difference is the water. Other than that, it's very close.

I think we will have to wait a year or two to see true next-gen games. Most games made today have to work on old consoles too so in order to give everyone the same experience, they have to make some sacrifices.

pedrof931820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )


You should have a more clinic eye.'Nough said.

Perhaps you only based your opinion on what you saw partially. The framerate, the view distance, aliasing, texture resolution, shadows, blur, water ,etc.

That's why I said 50 percent.

I think you should educate yourself.

mikeslemonade1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Blame the developer. It's not the PS4's fault.

If you go back and look at first generation 360 games compared to Xbox Original games than there were examples of games being not discernible. Such as Dead or Alive.

Kurogane1820d ago

LOL Bias are we, Real talk the ps3 version looks better deeper colors for sure

vishmarx1820d ago

ps3 version has better contrast
has better water simulation
volumetric fog
and other pc fanboy bs lol
and im not talking specifically of this vid

ZBlacktt1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Don't try to explain anything on this site. It has some of the youngest no experienced screen names that just posted nonsense. With 9 out of 10 never even have played the games or seen them in person. I gave up trying..... this site is just good for seeing stories and nothing more.

admj831820d ago

dont forget that the resoloution is 1080p on ps4 vs 720p on ps3

ic3fir31820d ago

version of the ps4 is not purely next gen is more current gen, not worth buying the game for next gen without enjoying as it should be, the game will have better effects, but nothing that does not get much better

version of the ps4 is not purely next gen is more current gen, not worth buying the game for next gen without enjoying as it should be, the game will have better effects, but nothing that does not get much better
I expect the game to go down in price and then buy one xbox or xbox 360 game ever in = / I think

AliTheSnake11820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

This is not gameplay.
AC3 PC maxed vs ps3 was like night and day.
This should be the same.
Wait till it comes out. You will see a Huge difference in the buildings details, the jungle and rocks.
Noticeable differences:
Water, ship, face details:


gaffyh1820d ago

Wow it's actually quite noticeable, especially in terms of lighting and shadows, they are miles better on the PS4 which means skin tones look more realistic. Better draw distance too.

It's not a huge difference, but definitely noticeable. It was never going to be a huge difference though, because they want to keep parity between platforms to an extent.

SaturdayNightBeaver1820d ago

trust me, most of the nerds won't even notice all those things. Also ps4 should be more stable with FPS as im sure ps3 will have some drops here and there..

Braid1820d ago

The difference seems minimal, the only noticable difference in the video is the quality of water. Of course there'll be a resolution difference but it seems like the game will be using the same source models/textures on both versions so it's safe to say that this game is definitely "current-gen".

What I'm more curious about is how the PS4 version will hold up against the PC version, though.

mistertwoturbo1820d ago

Some of you guys need to get your eyes checked.

There's a clear difference although the core game is the same.

UltimateMaster1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

The game itself is built by current gen standards.
As time comes, games will significantly improve over time.

this video doesn't really do it justice.
Here's what the PS4 gives more to than the PS3 doesn't offer.
Better vegetation, better waves and storms.
But remember the last PS2 games compared to the PS3 early games? Not much difference if you ask me.

max05831820d ago

No way 50% at most 10%.This game will not be a great leap over last gen,but next one should be notible different.Build from the ground up.

nirwanda1819d ago

The character modelling really let down the next gen versions, some of the most realistic water effects ever let down by the rubbish looking people swimming in it and the wwater barely reacting to them.

nirwanda1819d ago

At least it look fun to play.

1819d ago
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OlgerO1820d ago

Look at the water to see some serious difference. Still not much different. Still a cutscene might not be the best way to compare. gameplay would be much better

KUV19771820d ago

Also real gameplay will be much more interesting. Having better framerate and the physics effects. All the cloth animations there are most certainly keyframed in a cutscene so you won't notice that much of an effect. However it is obvious that geometry was created for last gen. ACV will probably look so much better.

Bigpappy1820d ago

Could be a straight port. But I would like to see some gameplay.

isa_scout1820d ago

I don't know man. The draw distance is clearly better on the PS4 with a much less fog effect, but as far as textures I rather like the PS3 version, not the faces but the clothing. I'll be picking it up along with Killzone regardless, but I must say I was expecting a little bit more from the next-gen version.The colors seem a bit washed out on the next-gen version compared to the PS3.

JimmyLmao1820d ago

the fact that it runs at 1080p 60fps on PS4 compared to something like 720p 30fps (a generous guess) on PS3 is already a 450% increase in performance, and this is without taking into account many other things such as better lighting, better particle effects, better weather effetcs, etc.

1820d ago
JimmyLmao1820d ago


idk, probably.

that makes it at least 225% then. with 720p 30fps VS 1080p 30fps

Crazyglues1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

This is exactly what I feared, this sh*t looks like they just ported the PS3 version to the PS4...

This shit is really sad, all that Bullsh*t about how they are taking advantage of the PS4 and this shit looks like this...

Dam if I didn't already order the digital copy of this sh*t I would cancel immediately -Nex Gen my A$$..!!

You gotta be kidding me, if you can hardly tell the difference that means they didn't do shit, it's just a Port... Simple as that, they ported the game to PS4 - the end...

Pathetic -- Looks at 2k14 PS3 and PS4 -and right away you can tell the nex gen PS4 version -This sh*t here -they didn't even try they just ported the game and added some fog and lens flare, that's nex gen -that's what you think nex gen graphics are.. WTF?

Dam Pathetic... No wonder they pushed back watchdogs this sh*t is as stupid as Call of duty telling me fish A.I is one of the new features... (I guess these companies just feel the consumers are seriously dumb)

If you looked at that and thought that was Nex Gen if you even thought that was 10% better then the PS3 version you are an idiot. (no seriously you don't know a dam thing about graphics)

||.........___||............ ||

ZBlacktt1820d ago

Try playing the games and seeing them first. First off the game does not have that white haze look. The colors are very deep and rich. You have zero zero idea at all. Just stick to posting like you have a clue. Want to know anything else from those that have played on a PS4. Just let me know. Otherwise be like the 99% of the other clueless kids/no experienced young adults on here.

Crazyglues1820d ago

@ ZBlacktt

I didn't ask for your opinion, maybe you missed that part, next time pay attention..

If I wanted your view I would have asked what do you think, I was making a statement which was my own personal view on the subject..

why don't you stick to the 99% of idiots who think they can read. - that way at least you can pretend to understand the difference between someone asking for your opinion and someone stating their view point on the subject.

Here's what I don't get, why do the clueless kids (and by kids I mean a 40 year old man acting like a 12 year old) why do they get on here with there 3 bubbles and act like there smart, when clearly your dumb as hell, Yeah, I believe you played AC4 on PS4 the same way I believe PS5 is coming out 2 days after PS4 launches...

ZBlacktt1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Clueless wonder on the site. The bubble system is exploited son. I speak up when I see nonsense like yours posted. Clueless people just talk and not ask for advice or information from those with "actual" exerpaince on the topic. Just click ignore so we both save time going forward. I'm more then aware many on this site can't be saved. To set in their ways to realize a damn thing.

Crazyglues1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

@ ZBlacktt

Oh please you all of a sudden have a clue on the subject, why because you watch youtube...

Why don't you go save yourself from being an idiot and just don't make any comments - that way you can save both of us from your stupidity.

I don't know why you seem to think you have any valid points on the subject when you didn't work on the game, you probably don't even know the difference between a lens flare and a lighting effect, so how in the world could you educate anyone?

-In what world do you live in, were you think people on this site would want the class clown to get up and start teaching the class.. Oh but wait, "you claim to have insight?" Why because you just learned how to do a Google search, and you found the developers YouTube page ..LoL don't make me laugh..

-and please keep your opinion for the 1% who don't know how to read -those really are the only people you can help.

and I bet a million dollars you won't comment back to this comment, because you just got owned! -and you realize your an idiot.. It's not your fault I only hold up the mirror so you can see your own stupidity, you don't have to thank me, your welcome!

AliTheSnake11820d ago

Don't worry, this is a BS video.
This is not gameplay.
AC3 PC maxed vs ps3 was like night and day.
This should be the same.
Wait till it comes out. You will see a Huge difference in the buildings details, the jungle and rocks.
Noticeable differences:
Water, ship, face details:


Crazyglues1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

@ AliTheSnake1

well I hope so, because that video had me really disappointed..

but hopefully your right, we will see... It did seems surprising that it would be that close when like you said the PC version was night and day to the PS3...

So I guess I'll reserve judgement until I play it on my PS4 - it did look really good in those links you posted though... -I hope it will look that good on PS4

||.........___||............ ||

SnotyTheRocket1820d ago

Yeah, when someone (you) states their own personal view on the subject, it's pretty common to see someone else give their opinion as well, and get a conversation (or argument) going. You don't have to be an ass about it.

Philoctetes1820d ago

I agree -- I'm pretty underwhelmed by those videos. Then again, it's a cross-gen title and Ubisoft probably didn't spend a lot of time optimizing the next-gen versions. No biggie. I wasn't buying this game anyway.

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lilbroRx1820d ago

Net gen 8x times stronger than last gen confirmed.

SaturdayNightBeaver1820d ago

About right, most users wont even tell the difference. Im quite surprised of how ps3 can still handle stuff.

Magicite1820d ago

Are You blind?
Just a few things I noticed:
-water looks much better on ps4
-wooden materials much better on ps4
-everything in distance much better on ps4
-leather clothing much better on ps4
-better lightning on ps4
-overall all textures are better on ps4
-things are less blurry and slightly sharper on ps4

Conclusion: I am getting PC version.

Shake_Zula1820d ago

lol No doubt, if you've got the horsepower for it, the PC version of any game will be better.

...At least you can still use the PS4 controller to play. All in all, you get what you pay for.

Nachoman321820d ago

If you observe closely the Ps4 version has several enhancements:

- Better Ocean Physics
- Higher polygon count for objects
- Soft Shadows
- Better AA
- No cheap Motion Blur
- Better Draw Distance
- Better Native Resolution
- Better Frame Rate

So yeah add that up and you probably got 50% better

gpturbo811820d ago

and? is it gonna make the game better or worse? nope

Ju1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Going by raw specs and technology it's probably far beyond 50%. But then, how can you put a number on something which is pure subjective. Especially when frame rate is capped and resolution matched.

I actually think Ubi did a fantastic job on the PS3 version. This is one of the best looking games on the platform.

I agree however, that I think Ubisoft played this safe in the PS4 version. Could probably be better. Especially number of polys in character model for a game which is so character driven.

Nachoman321820d ago

@gpturbo81, Yes it probably will make the game better as a whole. Especially in terms of the visceral experience. The dynamic effects make the game more believable. And the upgrade in detail certainly makes the game more beautiful. So, in the end subconsciously the game is gonna feel better.

Shake_Zula1820d ago

lol Come on, it's better than that!

In the PS4 version, nearly all of the textures are upgraded. Observe the wood grain, hair, battle marks on the armor, the rustic look of the wheel. On top of that, there are many other small things happening in the background like between :45 - :55 where you have the shadow from the ropes on the ship displayed on the black guy as the ship is moving in the PS4 version, but not the PS3 version. Either way, I think this is more testament to how strong the PS3 still is rather than a indication of weakness on the PS4's part. Seriously, the PS3's main problem is that it has VERY small RAM space. I mean, can you imagine how much better the console would be if they re-released it with 2 or 3 GB instead of the 256 MB?

I wonder what the Xbox's versions look like?

wsoutlaw871820d ago

ya its about all you can expect from a day 1 port over that many platforms. Thats why im glad watch dogs got a delay.

chilopirrin1820d ago

ps4 is 1080p 60fps and better stuff on everything else, it is a transgenerational title, don´t ask too much already

Axe991820d ago

Biggest thing about this vid is how good it looks on PS3! PS4 differences aren't huge, but for a cross-gen game I'd expect that's not going to be an isolated occurrence with cross-gen games.

Pintheshadows1820d ago

Yeah, I guess it will be a bit more noticeable if you buy and play both copies.

Still, I never thought this looked next gen in anyway. It looks nice enough I guess but not amazing. I still think this game was the main reason Watchdogs was delayed. On the new consoles they were launching two games on the same day which would essentially compete with each other. I knew Ubisoft would delay one of them. I guess at this point they probably saw AC4 as easier money.

mynameisq1819d ago

True. But online videos never do justice to graphics imo. I saw Fifa 14 on next gen online and it looked exactly like current gen but when I actually played it on PS4 immediately I saw a big difference, not a massive difference but still encouraging signs

bunfighterii1819d ago

lol yeah - PS4 version is almost indistinguishable - better resolution and shadows thats about it. what a disappointment.

Noctis1819d ago

how can you people not tell the ps4 version has way better textures and details? and it's in 1080p. you may not notice the difference but it's all in the details

clouds51819d ago

That's how it is when you get a port of a 360/ps3 game on your superior system... Now you know how PC gamers feel all the time ;)

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Studio-YaMi1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Why so negative?
You're asking for fanboy replies you know.

Or a disagree fountain,lol.

Neonridr1820d ago

I find that launch titles that also exist on previous gen never really showcase the systems potential. Remember the 360 launch? LOL, most of the games looked exactly the same as the Xbox versions with merely a higher resolution output.

The insignificance between the versions could be that they used the last gen systems as the lead platforms then ported up to the PS4/XB1.

But I agree, some cleaner textures and the water looks much better in the PS4 versions. But nothing here to make me jump up and down for.

deadfrag1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

They run on the same engine people thats the reason they are almost identical,its obvious that in terms of effects ,resolution in gameplay the PS4 will edge the PS3 but dont forget that this are cross generation games on the same engine,its almost a port!

Ol_G1820d ago

so you think they have a next gen engine they aren't using?
funny you know normally a engine gets upgrades trough the years right? not everybody builds a new engine from scratch

vivid831820d ago

it is the sort of rub I learned to enjoy lol

hogfan761820d ago

Just take one look at the water and attention of detail to the ship and everything else big difference and will only get bigger!

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KUV19771820d ago

Yes, because he spend 400$ just to buy this one game for just this one effect!

1820d ago
KUV19771820d ago

I bet Killzone, The Order, inFamous and co really rock on PC.

clouds51819d ago

Who cares about Killzone... You never get to play some of the best multiplayer games in the history of gaming without a PC. That would bug me a little more than freakin Killzone.

And do i have to say it? Star Citizen.

KUV19771819d ago

Clearly a lot of people care about Killzone!

It always depends on taste. I am mainly a third person action adventure fan and frankly couldn't care less about competitive multiplayer shooters. Killzone is the only shooter I ever played in mp and liked and I have tried lots of PC shooters. Also I don't like the style of wii-games. I don't care for mario and donkey kong. For me the number of WiiU-titles is completely irrelevant because they have exactly zero titles that I like. Doesn't mean it is a bad console. It's just not for me.

I was just making the comment that the 'buy a PC instead' argument is void because a lot of games that people enjoy are not on PC and that is a reason why people prefer consoles - no matter which one - over pc, and raw power won't help it. Buying a pc or upgrading one next to a console makes much more sense. The only games I played on PC recently were StarCraft and Diablo III and both weren'T that great. I am looking forward to StarCitizen but I will not buy a new graphics card for just one game. I hope it comes to PS4 eventually. Chris Roberts said that SONY's business model and architecture may make it possible. Doesn't look very likely but I haven't lost hope yet.

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