Battlefield 4 PS4/Xbox One Direct Feed Footage Coming on the 29th, One "Looks Better than the Other"

Popular YouTuber Jack Frags promised on reddit direct feed 1080p gameplay footage of both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4 for October the 29th.

Interestingly enough, he also specified without mincing words that one looks "definitely better" than the other.

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sigfredod1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

And the truth slowly began to surface, consoles are the same? i don´t think so

Wizziokid1850d ago

consoles aren't the same, fact.

One is more powerful than the other and I don't need to specify which at this point. I hope...

I think basically the statement about them being the same was in regard to making the games and now the power.

black0o1850d ago

Both powered by AMD
Both are using APU x86
Both has 8 GB of ram and 500 GB of HD

that's what he meant i think

Unreal011850d ago

I wish people would stop saying "One is better than the other". They may as well say PS4 version is better as it's all too obvious.

u got owned1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

"While he did not specify which one is (according to him) the better version, he mentioned on Twitter that we’ll be surprised by what we’ll see."

surprised of how good it looks or because the One that looks better is not the One version everyone think it is... hmmm... Interesting.

can't wait for the meltdown.

Just noticed this wont be a true comparison since the XBO will be the SP version while the PS4 will be multiplayer. Now, usually the SP looks better than the MP, but my guess is that the MP on PS4 will look better than the SP.

MorePowerOfGreen1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

LOL He goes on to say one version looks better than the other and we will be surprised. So if you expect the PS4 version to be better like most people think due to assuming the PS4 is more powerful, then I gues Jack is saying/confirming it's the XB1 version that is better.

"And the truth slowly began to surface, consoles are the same? i don´t think so"

^^Agreed as proven with XB1 exclusives vs PS4's LOL

I mean MSFT and EA/Dice have a partnership with this game(and others) and are having a huge multiplayer event in a few days showing the game off to the masses for the first time.

EA at E3

"Microsoft has shown some very killer [Xbox One] capabilities that we've known about for a while, and we're able to demonstrate."

Also sure the XB1 version will be taking advantage of Direct3D X 11.2. This game is going to be impressive on XB1(or at least the lesser DX version the PC is using)

Angels37851850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Hmmm everything seems to point to ps4 version being better recently....but I won't treat this as fact until its 100% confirmed.

ThatCanadianGuy5141850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

As evident by Greens insanity above, this news is hitting hard for some.

COD at 720p, people could deal with.But BF4? Too many expectations.A lot of people will be canceling those bone preorders and making the switch to the cheaper, more powerful console i'd reckon.You would be foolish not to.

This is just the start.

-Foxtrot1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

"I think basically the statement about them being the same was in regard to making the games and now the power. "

I thought it was just some multplatform developers who want there games to sell well on both consoles and instead of jeopardising sales on one platform they are just playing it safe

hakeem09961850d ago

you guys are so blind by fanboys bullshit that you fail to see the obvious .The PS4 is multiplayer footage while the XboxOne will be Single player .The Xbox One will clearly be better because it's Single Player . You can't make a comparison when the Multiplayer will never be better looking than the single player .I don't care for witch console looks better because the difference will be minimal but for this comparison XBOX ONE IS THE CLEAR WINNER

bjmartynhak1850d ago

@u got owned

Surprising may be because it is a noticeable difference in gameplay, not by screenshots and nitpicking.

Add PS4 doing visibly better in MP compared to X1 in SP, then not only it will be surprising, but brace yourself, shit-storm will come! lol

Nick_5151850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Wait, he's comparing the PS4 multiplayer to the XBone singleplayer? That might explain why we would be surprised. Singleplayer always looks a lot better than multiplayer. I wonder why he's comparing them, but not actually comparing them.

Edit: hakeem got to it before I could. :P

FITgamer1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

The fact that he is comparing the PS4 MP to X one SP doesn't make any sense. SP always looks better.

Edit: guess i should of read all the comments first already have been beat to it.

UltimateMaster1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

DICE did say that the "definitive" version" of BF4 would be on Xbox One because of Direct X.

If that turns out to be true, they may spark outrage among gamer and they could see their pre-orders/sale drop significantly.

Specs-wise, we already know which one has better stats.

But don't forget, DICE works for EA and they have shown to be favorable to the Xbox One.

It's also stated that they'll show PS4 Multi-player VS Xbox One Single Player and by all means I did think the Single-Player looks better than the Multi-player regardless of the platform.

If DICE is fair and hey adjust their games according to the specs, then for sure the PS4 version should look better, but for some reason, I have some doubts.

I'd much rather have the PS4 version to be the best version.

RyuCloudStrife1850d ago

"One is more powerful than the other"

Why say One? PS4 is also 3 characters, when you say One it makes it sound like the Xbox ONE.

stuna11850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

It's true that they are showing the Xbox1 SP, and the PS4 Multiplayer! What no one is looking at is Killzones Multiplayer is looking as good or better in certain aspects than it's single player.

I believe Microsoft will be willing to string their supporters along as humanly possible to garner as many pre-orders as they can get, they've done it before. It's not like everyone is going to cancel their Pre-orders.

forcefullpower1850d ago

WTF. Ps4 is multiplayer and xbox is single player. Xbox is definitely going to better. When have you ever seen multiplayer better than single player

AgentSmithPS41850d ago

@u got owned

"we’ll be surprised by what we’ll see."
I think people would be surprised that they didn't gimp the PS4 version to make it look the same as the xbone's.

Luckily for PS4 owners multiplat game devs don't want to risk the huge amount of bad press they'd get when it's quickly found out that they helped Microsoft by artificially limiting the PS4 version.

If they show xbone SP and PS4 MP that's sneaky but smart since SP is easier to make look good.

loulou1850d ago

sp vs mp??

totally ridiculous comparison

webeblazing1850d ago

here we go again arguing about gfx. please pc fanboy come here and break up the party before it gets out of hand.

Enemy1850d ago

Only one has 8GB GDDR5 RAM, though. And only one has 40% GPU advantage. That "one" isn't the Xbone, it's the PlayStation 4.

webeblazing1850d ago

wait how they saying this when none of them are 1080p. none of the console version are confirmed 1080p but they re giving direct feed in 1080p.

I_am_Batman1850d ago

@MorePowerOfGreen: That's one way to interpret what he said. Another one would be that the PS4 version looks mutch better and that people will be surprised how big the difference actually is. Keep in mind that a lot of people (even a couple of devs) claim that both consoles are basically identical.

We'll have to wait and see. While I hope that both versions look great I wouldn't be "surprised" to see that the Xbox One version looks superior - I would be pissed off tbh.

loulou1850d ago

2 days later we will be able to compare the xbo's multiplayer as well!

dont forget the bf4 tournament on the 1st of november.

nothing that sinister really

mistertwoturbo1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

lol come on people.... seriously........ USE YOUR HEADS...

The FACTS and SPECS of both consoles told the story since we all found out the PS4 has a more powerful GPU and then on top of GDDR5.


schlanz1850d ago

"one" is more powerful than the other?

I think not ;)

AliTheSnake11850d ago

he's comparing single player footage on one console to multiplayer footage on another console. comparison is voided right there.

AliTheSnake11850d ago

The MEGATON would be if PS4 multiplayer looked better than X1 Singleplayer

Ezz20131850d ago

XB1 SP vs Ps4 MP ?!

WTF ?! 0_o

malokevi1850d ago

They are showing the single player on Xbox and the multiplayer on PS4. They aren't doing it for "comparisons" sake, obviously. It's not like they see it as XB1 vs. PS4. They are just showing their game. You are all a bunch of morons.

AliTheSnake11849d ago

You're calling people "morons" over this ?
Here, this is from the guy himself :

Read that and then look deeply to the closest mirror and observe the moronity itself .

malokevi1849d ago

Uhhhh.... lol.

What exactly am I supposed to take from that. Has nothing to so with anything that I said. Why don't you just relax there buddyguy.

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Xsilver1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

So it Begins Lmaooooo this is gonna be good. Xbox fans looking Nervous

MRMagoo1231850d ago

The guy says "you will be surprised" this gives me hope its the PS4 version , because i find it hard to believe the PS4 MP game play will look as good as the Xbone SP gameplay, it seems kinda odd to compare them both since when has MP looked better than SP ever in any game in history.

pedrof931850d ago


Well Killzone SF multi-player runs around 60 fps while SP dosen't.

Does that mean that MP is better than the SP ?

Or is because SP heavier on visuals that means its better ?

FlunkinMonkey1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I will be extremely surprised if the X1 turns out to be superior, but to be fair that's quite an odd remark about us being surprised so we'll have to wait and see.

Could just possibly be a remark to keep gamers intrigued and getting the views.

No idea why he will be comparing Xbone SP to PS4 MP?! Isn't it a given that SP will look better? It's so hard to not think about everything being a bit fishy these days.

i was even close to thinking that MS's relationship with EA could lead to them purposefully making Xbone's better regardles..

But that is a bit too tin foil hat i think.

Thatguy-3101850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Umm isn't fact that story should look better than multiplayer? Wonder why they decided to do it like that. Let the conspiracy theories begin! EA is sleeping with Micro$oft.

sigfredod1850d ago

Well since he is claiming to have all that footage i expect to make a proper head to head, SP vs SP and Mp vs MP, lets wait and see, last gen bf3 on ps3 looked better

joab7771850d ago

The surprise may be that xbox one looks better...I know MS has a deal w/ EA. But he said ps4 multi footage vs. Xbox one sp footage. SP probably does look better than multi.

sigfredod1850d ago

On BF3 SP look way better than MP, so i hope he does a proper head to head

jmc88881850d ago

But what if it didn't look better. Just a guess...

That would be a surprise.

That PS4 multiplayer might look better then XB1 single player.

Sure the single player can throw some impressive things at the player on screen as well as associated particle and other effects, but what if despite these things, the PS4 version looks better?

That would be surprising. This comparison is basically handicapping the XB1. If it doesn't win even with that....

then wow.

But whatever it is, we'll get this guys take in ~4 days and see for ourselves in 3-4 weeks.

JOLLY11850d ago

What's weird is if you move the quote over one word, it reads "One looks better than the other". I'm not saying it is a hint.....just saying.

mkis0071850d ago

I thought it might be a hint then I tried to come up with other ways of saying that sentence without doing a brainstorm, without using the word "one."

StoutBEER1850d ago

I gotta poop. Wouldnt it be funny if it was Xbox One and teh Cloud actually was able to upgrade games graphics. XD I'm gettin X1 cause they have more shooters, explosions and my one and only Halo. But hopefully PS4 takes a different route than just JRPG's this time around. Either way ill be more than likely picking up a PS4 when TLOU 2 comes out. OK gonna go poo now. GTA V!!!!!

Studio-YaMi1850d ago

So much wrong thrown into one comment .. urgh!

Tsar4ever011850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Hey, why is this dude rec bf4's single–play/xb1 being compaired against mulitplay/ps4? And then say "we will be really surprised at the results." How the hell does this constitute a fair & balance gameplay comparison?

mark134uk1850d ago

im on it now on the ps3 and graphics look great

finbars751850d ago

Agreed.I personally think they hes trying to get a rise out of everyone.I think that the one console that is more powerful will look much better then the other but hes giving false hope to those who actually think that the one will look better.Plus hes just trying to get as much hits as possible.I think the gameplay I have seen on both consoles for next gen look great and I cant wait.The game will still play the same on both consoles so thats all that matters to me right now.Can not wait.Plus go check out the new tv trailer for BF4 that just came out today,can you say EPIC.IGN Bf4 puts COD Ghost to shame written in the trailer wow.

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T21850d ago

all i can say is that his statement actually lends support that the X1 version may be better and that "we will be surprised"
I can tell you that if that is true, EA will officially be on my blacklist for obviously nerfing their ps games.

finbars751850d ago

I thinking that this article is misleading people in the wrong direction in my opinion.The only thing that I got from this article is everyone is going to be surprised at how much better the game is looking on the PS4.Comparing the MP on the PS4 to the SP the Xboxone is telling me that the MP for the PS4 will most likely look better then the SP for the Xboxone.He probally doesnt want to show the SP of the PS4 because there is a huge possiblity that it looks completey stunning compared to the Xboxone there for showing the MP which might actually more of a fair comparison.I dont get where people think that the Xboxone is going to be this beast machine and it will look better on there.It doesnt matter if EA is with MS,EA has always favored the PS and I gurantee it will look stunning on the PS4.MS has to relize that you cant buy gamers by having a spending cap of a billion dollars and using it on timed exclusive content.Dice would never jeopordize the quality of there game by favoring one over the other.It really comes down to which console can run there game the the best of there knowledge.BF is a PC game and they want it to be just like that.So which one has the closes power and cpu running like a PC.we all know the answere to that one.PS4.

daggertoes831850d ago

Lol watch it be the xbox version. Microsoft is gonna punk us all.

torchic1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Microsoft will punk us with all that $$$$$$$

I can totally see it. the internet will literally collapse under its own immense pressure and slowly but surely a super-super-massive black hole will form whence it once lied, and everything in the universe will coalese and form an absolute galaxy around it

I'm bracing myself LOL I can already see the controversially superior Xbox One version in my head

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