Sonic: Lost World is a disappointing mess of frustrating controls and half-baked ideas

Sonic: Lost World is a heartbreaking game.

It looks wonderful in video, with all the title’s strengths edited together and its weaknesses massaged away. The levels often look like they’re inspired by the Galaxy series of Mario games, and that’s a wonderful place to start. The problem is that everything is so poorly designed.

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Shnazzyone1817d ago

Sonic is officially dead. when even an nintendo sega collaboration can't rejuvenate the series... it's time to put her down.

SugarSoSweet1817d ago

Sonic is not dead Unleashed Generations and Colors were good games. I swear one bad sonic game and people r ready to write sonic off

zeal0us1817d ago

Unleashed wasn't all that good. Generation and Colors on the other hand were pretty good.

Enemy1816d ago

"One" bad Sonic game? Are you serious? LMAO

quinten4881816d ago

Daytime levels in Unleashed were good.

BullyMangler1816d ago

poor sonic . . ay yo i just want to let whomever reads this message know that I am almost done with a Sonic The Hedgehog VS The Flash . . Race around the globe interactive presentation . others will be present

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Ol_G1816d ago

this game is good just reached the 4th world it's different from generations but the gameplay is more diverse not only runnning and jumping anymore

1817d ago
3-4-51817d ago

To be honest though, the game doesn't look like that much fun.

Half of it seems "on rails" in a way and something just seems missing from it.

The music is really good though, and visually it looks good.

Perfect example of why gameplay matters....this game could have been really good.

I haven't played it though so it could still be really good...who knows.

TuxedoMoon1817d ago

To be honest, I think they should've just kept the Colors/Generations scheme. Yes, sonic was a little hard to control...but it wasn't impossible. With sonic adventure 1 and 2, when you found out how to control felt satisfied. Doing all the tricks and racing through certain sections was fun and rewarding.

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The story is too old to be commented.