Bad Levels in Gaming History - Volume Nine

Phil writes, "You can have a nearly flawless game-- great action, great set pieces, great combat, great narrative, great characters, great gun play (if you're a shooter), etc., but if your level design is poor, your game is going nowhere fast. While the games featured on this volume's list of Bad Levels in Gaming History generally have fantastic level design, there are some sections, areas, levels, or whatever that do nothing but annoy, whether they be poorly designed, a slog to go through, or what have you. After you've scoped out my picks for bad levels in this ninth volume of Bad Levels in Gaming History, list your own in the comments section."

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Alexious1581d ago

That level in Uncharted is the worst!

Davi1231581d ago

Why?! Is because it is really bad? Or is because you got frustrated, to not get into easily?

1581d ago
Perjoss1581d ago

Flood levels in Halo :(

Phil321581d ago

I mentioned The Library level in Volume Eight, so we're on the same page! haha

Picnic1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Drowned City was an accurate representation of what being in that situation would be like. It was a challenging game all round and, until UC4, the jetskis are the only maneouvrable vehicle in Uncharted , unless you count UC3's horses. It's not polite for poor players to single it out.