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Train Simulator 2014 from developer and publisher upgrades last year's edition of the game with various new features and improvements that are focused on both casual and veteran players. Notable additions to the game include three routes with London-Faversham High Speed, Donner Pass, and Hamburg-Hanover, career system, added editor tools, and Steam Workshop integration. In addition, improvements have been made to the game's graphics and performance.

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lnvisibleMan1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

I don't like on the rail games.

Ok I'll let myself out.

snipab8t1909d ago

I suck so much at this game, I think I need some 'training'

budum tsk

Flyingdog6701909d ago

Train Simulator > The Last of us
LOL I kid

NarooN1908d ago

Train Simulator 2014, GOTY!

1909d ago
urwifeminder1909d ago

I enjoy the game but the dlc is ridiculous on price I got the 2012 edition and it just patches up each year that said I love weird simulator games I collect them.

Elwenil1909d ago

Steam sales are the best way to get the DLC/expansions for a decent price.

urwifeminder1909d ago

True but even then they are still overpriced for me they would sell twice as much content if it reduced its about 500 bux almost for everything.

Elwenil1909d ago

I think everything at full price is a couple grand if I remember reading that right. I usually didn't buy any of the expansions unless they were $15 or less and then only the ones I really wanted. Most are a lot of content for the price but some are simply not worth the sale price, much less the list price. It is nice how the game upgrades basically for free unlike games like Trainz where you have to buy the new version each time, and that sort of offsets the DLC cost a little. Either way compared to most "niche simulator" games Railworks, or Train Simulator as it's known now, is more than a little expensive for what you get most of the time.

ProjectVulcan1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Two bad things. DLC price and game engine optimisation.

It looks like it was designed in 2005 but it runs worse than Crysis 3. No. This is not an exaggeration. To max this game and get a minimum framerate of 30FPS all the time @ 1080p you need at least a Titan.

Luckily if you just run it with FXAA and the view distance a couple of notches down it runs alright on slightly less expensive hardware. But seriously. Make it run better FFS! A modern PC should run this thing at 120 FPS maxed out the way it looks.