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PixlBit | "Prepare to have your hopes dashed on the rocks of reality: this is nothing like Rainbow Six. There is nothing good, fun, or entertaining about it. It's not something you should try for any reason. It's so bad that it will take months of patches before it could be merely described as bad."

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nutcrackr1818d ago

That full stop is kinda hard to see. Thought they gave it 5/5 :P

sovietsoldier1818d ago

this is the kind of shit game that gives independent game makers nightmares and bad names.

"this game" if you want to call it that, felt more like a cheap 90's demo then a full game.

Grave1818d ago

.5 is pretty generous.

Blastoise1818d ago

Lol no idea what this game is but I enjoyed the review. Game sounds horrendous

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