How Difficult do you Like Your Games? - InRetroSpect Podcast

In the latest edition of Through the Reticle, Sam looks at the affect that difficulty has on the games we play. What is usually an easy choice for some has, for Sam, become a challenging and awkward process whenever he begins a new game. For one does not simply always pick ‘Normal’. ‘Easy’ and ‘Hard’ must never be ignored.

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Gozer1870d ago

FPS, I play on Normal then play on Hard my second play through to get the achievements.

I played through Dark Souls, and it had its hard moments but was never unbearable I would say. I enjoyed Dark Souls difficulty.

PoSTedUP1870d ago

depends on the game and my mood. i play a lot of pinball.

sports games depends on the sport, tennis i set to hard, hockey i set to hard, baseball and basekball i set to normal.

racing i normally set to hard but some games require a gradual increase.

story games depends on how i want to play it (hard: to keep it longer, or normal: to take it easy and chill out a lil)

persona games and jrpg's i set to normal because they are long as hell and i like the story.

RPGs i set to normal.

FPS i normally set to hard, even games like operation flashpoint.

3-4-51870d ago

If a game is too hard it becomes frustrating and I usually stop playing and move onto something else.

There is also a big difference when comparing real difficulty designed into the game and just cheap gimmick stuff.

RedDeadLB1870d ago

Good games on hard and then again if there's an unlockable difficulty. Rest of the games on normal. Never easy.

majiebeast1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Not Demons Souls black tendency swamp hard. Whoever designed that level was a sadistic bastard, 1 hitting giant trolls that have insane reach, with no way of running because of the damn swamp.

Colonel Radec had me pulling out my hair on hard and elite in Killzone 2. Joink backstab! He gives rogues a run for their money.

HighResHero1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

I remember that level and the frustration, but I would rather have that challenge.

I also remember conquering the club-wielding black phantoms(lol giant trolls yeah) just to fall off that bridge/platform and then deal with another black phantom, in the muck, where you couldn't dodge, and I think affected your status.

Can't wait for a proper sequel that retains the essence of Boletaria.

I also love the Japanese twist on the old European lore.

Pintheshadows1870d ago

I actually found that on elite the hardest part of Killzone 2 was the part on the train when there is a tank and you are being constantly swarmed by Helghast. That drove me absolutely insane.

_QQ_1870d ago

The best difficulty is vs other players in high skillcap games.

Are_The_MaDNess1870d ago

higher skillcap in games? LMAO dont make me laugh..... and that comes from a Dota 2 player and CSS Player.

i would replace my hole dota team with elite bots instead of what im getting now.

_QQ_1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Diamond StarCraft2 player so i know what i'm talking about,i also play DOTA2 and it is High skill cap when you go 5 or 4 man because you que up vs 5 man.When you que Solo then i understand why its a pub stomp.At the very least its more challenge than almost all SP games offer.

boribori8311870d ago

I play games on hardest when available .I have a rule" if your not cursing it out and saying how much you hate it, then its not good at all"

pr0t0typeknuckles1870d ago

that my friend is a good rule,infact some of my favorite games, i cursed at the screen and said i hate the company,the system,and the game itself,lol

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The story is too old to be commented.