One Reason Why Albert Penello is Actually Doing a Really Good Job

Nizulo's Rich Bloomfield writes why gamers should give Albert Penello a break, and the one one reason why Penello is actually doing a good job.

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christocolus1823d ago

albert albert albert....great job so far my man.

mikeslemonade1823d ago

I think at this point that they were probably better off just lying and saying it's 1080p, and then on the contrary just say "but it's upscale to 1080p". By then most X1 owners would have bought the game already. As of now one game is making the X1 look bad and it just adds another reason to not buy the X1 to begin with.

NewMonday1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

don't buy the Penello nice guy act for a second

fact is, he and guys like Phil Spencer do know information like 3rd party games resolution, basic information like that is mandatory for the platform holder to have.

If Adam Boyes, someone lower in position at Sony than Albert Penello, can have the information then it is unbelievable he doesn't know.

zeal0us1823d ago

Well if they were to lie someone could take them to court over it.

A lawsuit right when a new console is release definitely isn't good for business and or the company's image/reputation.

mhunterjr1823d ago

It looks like they are trying to get out of the business of being called liars, now you suggest they do it?

Why not just wait until Activision is ready to reveal the specs of their game...just like Sony did...

NewMonday1823d ago


not if they stay ambiguous and obfuscate, CBOAT said this is Albert Penello's actual job, and looks like the charm offensive is working on a few.

Mike134nl1823d ago

I think he does a good job with the information he has. I actually believe that he simply does not know. More information is to come so we will have to wait and see.
For the x1 owners who have bought it they will have dedicated servers but maybe but not native 1080p, so it could have been worse.

thekhurg1823d ago

Call of Duty fans don't care about resolution. You're over analysing the whole situation.

Palaven1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

All I see you do is spread hate and lies.

How can you judge someone as a liar when you are in no position to say whether they are privy to 3rd party information? Do you work at Microsoft? No, so you have no idea about how they work. Why not take the statement that has been given to you by Albert Penello and move on? Instead of over analyzing everything he has said.

I guess us mortals can only dream of being as knowledgeable as you.

Septic1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )


You're pretty quick to call him a liar. I wonder if you would have the decency to say that to his face.

It makes no sense for him to lie because he himself said that if he knew, andwasn't allowed to say, he'd just keep quiet about it. What is the point of him coming out and saying look I honestly don't know, when the truth will come out eventually? It's not like he's saying guess, I'm sure it's 1080p but wait and see.

It's easy to get your tinfoil hat on and start labelling someone a liar. I dare you to say it to his face though. It's called respect. If you're dubious about what he's saying, then fair enough but if you're going to label him a liar then come out with some facts instead of sweeping hypothesis about why he is lying.

Oh and I'm sorry, but your point about the 'charm offensive' is complete nonsense. What is the charm doing? Tell me, what is working at? If we're giving him the benefit of the doubt, that's all it is. The truth will come out. You have NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to suggest that he is lying here. That's the only thing you and Panello have in common, you're both missing out on some key facts.The difference here however, is that you've come to a conclusion and he hasn't.

NewMonday1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )



Albert Penello, you most likely are reading this, I want to say I don't believe you, I'm confident you have facts that you claim to not have, it is the most ridiculous claim yet form an MS PR man not to have standard information for the platform holder, nobody outside the usual protective fanbase believes you, and your most recent comments only deepened the gaming community's mistrust of you.

take CBOAT's advice "it's better to be transparent" and respect the intelligence of the gaming community, the truth will come out inevitably.

loulou1823d ago


yoshida was asked via twitter as well. and he replied that he didn't know either.

is he a liar as well??

Imalwaysright1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@ zeal0us Lying is the bread and butter of this industry. From bullshots to 4D to misleading us about features that aren't in the games to saying "ya know things break" to fake trailers. This industry gets away with everything.

NewMonday1823d ago

He said "Wait for Acti to CONFIRM"

Something they practicality did with the hands on preview on IGN

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Magicite1823d ago

Just one? Well, thats better than none.

iamnsuperman1823d ago

And that one point is bit hit and miss. He has been semi honest over the COD incident (seriously Microsoft has to know these details as this type of information goes on the store). He also got caught talking rubbish on gaf not so long ago. I don't think he is doing a good job at all. Its great to have an easy to contact member of the company but he also needs to keep his distance (stay out of the forums). Yoshida is doing it right. He answers questions on twitter from us lot but he doesn't delve into the forums

Mad Aizen1823d ago

I believe his current treatment by the gaming community as a whole is warranted and he should take it, and just do his job. We don't need articles trying to make everything seem all warm and fuzzy with this obvious prolonged nightmare of an x bone reveal and spin story ever since. I don't remember anyone writing articles about how people should lay off Sony execs back when the ps3 launched.

Kayant1823d ago

Yes & no. On neogaf no he should not have gone there in the first. When he started his "Oh MS created Directx... etc BS" & trying the numbers game & also saying the consoles with be the same at the end of the day even though he admitted he don't know Sony's hardware too well.

Yes everywhere else he has been doing a good job IMO in explaining/demoing stuff but when it comes to technical stuff he shouldn't speak about it & he should stop trying to make it seem like both consoles are on par with each other as we can see they're not as we approach launch.

kewlkat0071823d ago

After the "Don debacle" this guy has smoothed things out..with constant information..

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ape0071823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

it was Cerny, now penello took over LOL

edit: some people can't take a joke, this console war sh!t is serious business

WeAreLegion1823d ago

One of them is a genius who all gamers should respect. The other is some new PR tool. If you want someone to look up to at Microsoft, look elsewhere.

GodGinrai1823d ago

people look up to game industry execs?

ape0071823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

dude what's wrong with u, i have mad respect for mark, im not comparing, im not that crazy ._.

FlunkinMonkey1823d ago

You should have aborted this thought mon frere.

nypifisel1823d ago

The article brought something interesting up about the COD resolution; speculating why there haven't been any clear up on the situation to later answer his own question. COD being the Xbox Ones most pre-ordered game it would be quite devastating if it were to come out that the Xbox One version was inferior; these people buy a console for COD, namely something familiar - the Xbox. I think it's pretty set now that the COD Ghost Xbox One version isn't running at 1080p unlike the PS4 version which does. This falls in line with the rumours coming out of E3 about getting the game to run on the next gen platforms; PS4 version took 3 weeks and would output 90fps unoptimized, meanwhile the Xbox One version took several months and came out at 15fps unoptimized. Quite astonishing indeed!

darx1823d ago

Meh, my guess is less than 50% care about 1080p and the rest have no clue.

Baka-akaB1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

It's not about caring about 1080p per se , in the mainstream universe . It's about sheeps buying one over the other , under the impression , and habit , that it will be a better experience .

Should the pack find out that it's not true and might be in fact inferior , they'd panick , even for no reason . Cod in 1080p is still an inferior looking game compared to its competition .

Imo that kind of behavior and events just mean that people should just buy games on their owned systems , or learn to actually check news and intels on a case by case basis IF they care about such details .


Somebody...anybody pat him on the back, we don't want him on suicide watch.

Acquiescence1823d ago

at making me want a PS4 even more.

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