OXM UK: Legendary Preview - Pistol, shotgun... werewolf? It's an FPS with a difference

OXM UK writes: "Turning Point: Fall of Liberty might have disappointed, but Craig Allen is far from down and out. Spark Unlimited's Exectuive Producer has come out swinging with a first-person shooter that he's adamant will change perceptions of an already bloated genre.

The modern-day setting of New York might not amaze, but the game's enemies will. Forget humans. In Legendary, you are both hunter and hunted as mythical beasts are unleashed on the world, stalking the streets of NY and London.

They affect multiplayer as well.Rather than stick to the standard Deathmatch variants that are the staple of every FPS ever, Spark Unlimited instead has drawn upon its unique selling point of the game - the creatures themselves. Spark claims that it has introduced them as random factor in firefights between the warring factions of Legendary, suggesting you can lead opponents into a werewolf-laden trap, or push them out into the open to be snatched up by an aerial demon."

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Boldy3833d ago

Wow, this game sounds amazing. With enemy creatures in the multiplayer, and just the concept sounds awesome. I just hope it doesn't follow the way of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.