Fright Heights Review (Modojo)

John Bedford (Modojo): Don't be fooled by the cute and colorful look of Fright Heights, Chillingo's new Halloween-themed puzzler that hit the App Store on Thursday. Beneath the bright and breezy surface lies a brutally tricky game, one that blends number manipulation, match-three, and block placement strategies to create something quite unusual. And yes, it really is as difficult as that makes it sound.

Your job is to scare away the residents of a haunted hotel, using a randomize, consecutive list of haunted blocks and resident blocks. The side of each haunted block has a power rating, and your job is to make sure the adjacent hotel blocks have a high enough rating to scare off the resident blocks nestled in the gaps. Confusing? You bet, but a glance at the trailer should make things a little clearer.

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