Sega Say Future Remakes And Re-releases Depend On What Fans Want

Siliconera: This year marks the 30th anniversary of Sega Corporation, which started out as a video game software and hardware development company. As part of their ongoing commemoration of their milestone, Famitsu magazine spoke with Sega’s third CS Research and Development producer, Yosuke Okunari about his work.

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Relientk771818d ago

Skies of Arcadia
Comix Zone

zeal0us1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

You're wasting your time. Sega honestly don't care what fans want. Wonder why some of Sega games haven't been localize yet even after fans showed interest. If they deem it not profitable they won't do it.

It sad when you hear that fully English version of PSO2 but Sega won't release it in the US and EU because they fear it won't be profitable for them. Way to middle your fans Sega.

No tell what if they will do the same thing for Atlus games.

rainslacker1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Don't forget about Valkyria Chronicles either. PS3 fans of the game have been berating Sega over it for years, and still nothing.

Sega will look at what else is doing well remake wise(say Tales of Symphonia Chronicles), and decide to make a competing game to that to capitalize on it.

I highly doubt they've suddenly become interested in what the fans want.

Edit:Changed Sony to Sega in that second paragraph.

user55757081817d ago

lets try for shenmue I and II HD. Skies of arcadia HD

and then remake the shining force series

hay1817d ago

"... but there mu$t be $ome number of tho$e fan$ to be heard."

LackTrue4K1818d ago

i want old 2D side scrolled Sonic 3D bull5hit.

Hell, even an HD remakes of old games would be great!

BG115791818d ago

You are damn right!
They should be looking at the lastest Rayman games and start taking notes.

rainslacker1818d ago

We'll see a compilation disc with 30 "classic" Sega games before they remake a 2D Sonic game from the Genesis, or a brand new entry like Rayman.

Sega has some awesome IP's, I just wish they would actually utilize them once in a while instead of relying on Sonic to carry them all the time.

will3131818d ago

PSO SEGA is screwing up!

dasbeer881818d ago

Valkyria Chronicles HD Collection for the PS3/PS4 please!

jerethdagryphon1817d ago

you forgot valkeryia chronicles 2/3 hd and trophies for 1

hollabox1817d ago

Would that be Japanese or Westerner fans Sega?

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Smashbro291818d ago

Fix Crazy Taxi on PC. I feel incredibly ripped off.

FanboysAreGimps1818d ago

Sega need to get their ass in gear and bring back a HD Shinobi/Shadow Dancer

THamm1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

MG Rising is the new Shinobi. They should license the engine and bring back the original Joe Musashi with all the Revenge of Shinobi flavor

FanboysAreGimps1817d ago

You know I never fancied MGR.... But your comment may have just caused me to take a trip to the store

THamm1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

If you liked Shinobi PS2 then you will enjoy it very much. The style is almost spot on identical in many areas just faster paced with tough boss fights the first go around. Had they replaced Raiden with Musashi and added Shinobi bosses it would have been the best. Heck even the cyborg dog could have been like Joe's dog in Shadow Dancer. I prefer Revenge of Shinobi but I liked Shinobi PS2 a lot too because it kept a lot of Shinobi elements in it.

Ced2141818d ago

How about freakin Phantasy Star Online 2 in the west before we touch any of these crap?

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