Can Smartphones Take Over Gaming?

Nizulo's Dean Vella writes: "We are seeing the rise of power in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. For example, the new Tegra 4 GPU by NVIDIA has already achieved incredible feats for mobile gaming."

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Neonridr1847d ago

Main problem for smartphones and tablets is the lack of physical buttons, you can never replace a joystick or mouse/keyboard with some virtual buttons.

Now when you use a Bluetooth controller however, you are starting to get closer. So as long as the GPU increases enough in power, I think we will definitely start to see some very pretty games available.

I wouldn't say they will take over console gaming, at least not in the foreseeable future...

zeal0us1847d ago

Input isn't the only problem with smartphones and tablets but battery life.

The more the game demands of the cpu and gpu the quicker the battery will be consume. Not to mention if the user is multitasking. Playing a game while listening to music and check your Facespace page can eat up a battery quite fast.

C0LLAT1846d ago

Nothing can compare to the physical Controller in you hand (or keyboard if you prefer PC.) with high a quality headset, sitting on a couch playing on a HD TV (or monitor)

this shouldn't even be a Question

HighResHero1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Not to mention space, thermal limitations, lack of a fan, difficulty producing chips smaller than 28nm, etc.

People say, "phones are getting more powerful".
So are consoles and PCs and they don't have the above limitations. Fail!

....and like a dozen other perfectly logical reasons.

They couldn't even stop the 3DS' MASSIVE success and people are still asking this question, pathetic.

badz1491846d ago

smartphone gaming will not be taking over anything. as far as I'm concerned, smartphone gaming and console/handheld gaming can co-exist just fine. I know I'm enjoying both.

clouds51845d ago

I have a MOGA pro controller (xbox360 layout, google it) and a Samsung Galaxy S3 with the official extended battery (3000mAh).

Gives me about 6 hours of gaming with real controls.
There are enough titles that support hardware controllers like all the Rockstar games (GTA, MaxPayne) and most of the newer Gameloft games. But I miss a big budget title.

The best games on smartphones are N64, PSX and SNES games ;)

The funny thing is, if Apple would release an official gamepad and implement an easy API for devs to support that gamepad they would OWN the mobile gaming market. But they didn't do it and now Android is already ahead in that segment.

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jeffgoldwin1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Bluetooth controllers, are not only starting to get close, but are almost identical in feel to a console controller. But I mean obviously the quality of games isn't on par with consoles. As for battery life, on my Note 2, I can play games for about 2-3 hours (depends on the game) before the battery goes down. But this phone has a bigger batt than most phones.


Silver3601846d ago

No screen too small. There is a feeling about playing on a 40" screen or better that hand held will never be able to duplicate.

jeffgoldwin1846d ago

I see your point, but keep in mind at about 4-6 feet away (I don't know the exact math formula for it), but that 40" will start to look just like a 5-10" screen.

Reminds me of when I go to the movie theater and friends want to sit in the back row. I'm like great this is like watching a 19" tv at home. Defeats the purpose at a certain point.

LordDhampire1846d ago


I understand distant from tv affects your viewer experience but in no world will a 5 inch screen close or a 10 in tablet close be better than a 55 inch slightly to far might be the same on papee...but rhe experience is different..I might not see as much detail on the tv, but bigger and comfort is always better

sobekflakmonkey1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I think of it the same way I think about watching movies....It's not enjoyable on a tiny screen, would you rather watch a movie using your home entertainment centre? or on your cell phone? would you rather play AAA video games on you 24 inch monitor/40-60 inch tv with surround sound comfortably in your home? or on your cell phone...?

tubers1845d ago

Ever heard of a TV out?

Mobile devices will be doing native 1080p 3D gaming even before 4K displays becomes mainstream.

They won't look like crap on most TVs in the near future.

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Stick891846d ago

Another huge issue with mobile gaming is how fragmented the market is with different specs. It's almost like PC gaming except it's harder for dev's to say "Here are the recommended specs" and you can just go out and buy a new graphics card, add more RAM, etc...can't do that with a phone.

Also the market for mobile games is extremely hostile. The kind of consumer mobile gaming has attracted are the budget $0.99 and under club consumers. The budgets to make games on the level of current and next gen consoles are astronomical and if a dev looks at the mobile stores and sees no one is spending more than a dollar on it they really only have two choices. Not make the game at all, or gut it and turn it into a free-to-play cash grab extravaganza and completely undermine their original vision.

thehobbyist1846d ago

Let's also not forget that no one with a Smartphone is looking for a console quality game on it. No, they want the Nyan cat game or some tower defense thing. No one's refreshing the Google Play store for a graphics intensive mobile game.

rammstein911846d ago

even there are physical buttons,mobile games are focused on killing-time,these kinda' games are not substantial and always aims casual gamers and nongamers

tubers1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Mobile will be considered a "multi-plat"/full-fl edged-platform in the future.

iOS/Android/Windows alongside the present PS/Xbox/Nintendo/PC (the same exact Windows)/Linux -platforms.

I see "Capable" tablets doing well.

It's just the start but an ASUS T100 is a full windows 8 tablet sporting 10 hours @ 350 bucks (yes, with a keyboard dock) that can be bought today.

That's ultra weak for gaming but we'll get there eventually.

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AKR1847d ago


While I must say, I love playing games on my Nexus 7 - especially the more impressive ones like Asphalt 8, Sonic 4: Episode II, Riptide GP, and Real Racing 3 - just to name a few - these games don't have the same depth as console/handheld titles.

The main games on smartphones and tablets are casual (as in, pick-up-&-play) ~ so they lack any real depth. They are designed to keep you occupied for short bursts of time - like waiting for a bus, in a waiting room, on a plane ride, etc.

They don't flow like console titles do. The advances in their tech are nice, but you can only make a little mobile device perform so well, while at the same time trying to keep it mobile.

LOGICWINS1847d ago

Yes and no. Ten to twenty years from now we will figure out a way to fit the horsepower of a next gen console into a miniaturized chip that can fit into a smartphone and thus stream whatever is on your smartphone to your television via Wi-fi.

Smartphones THEMSELVES wont take over gaming, its the miniature optional chips within them that will. Seems a hell of a lot more convenient to me than buying yet another plastic box and dealing with more cords.

Technology is getting smaller and better. Compare the original iPAD to the iPAD Air or the original PS3 to the PS4. Its clear what the next logical step will be.

Hicken1846d ago

... you do realize that the same technology that would allow smartphones to "fit the horsepower of a next gen console into a miniaturized chip" will also be used on those next gen consoles, right? And because they will be bigger, run cooler, and have no battery life limitations... well, smartphones will still be behind.

Yes, tech is getting and will continue to get smaller. And consoles will benefit from that, just like mobile devices.

Take one Tegra whatever and put it in a phone and it's powerful. Now take 50 of em and stick em inside a console.

Yeah, console wins. Console will always win.

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