Goozex Offers New Value with Console and Accessory Trading

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Goozex had been on a spiraling decline for years, given the lack of administrative control. The new owners are trying new things and turning things around. The trade counter is on the rise, and the Exchange has now added console and accessory trading to the mix. With this option, we are now seeing the return of quality and value to the game trading website.

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Avalanche1847d ago

i used to love Goozex. not sure why i stopped going to it.

Soldierone1847d ago

I stopped because every game I wanted was never available and when games were available they cost too much.

At one point I had so many points and just sat on them before just getting a bunch of trash games and closing my account lol

RyanDJ1846d ago

The new owners are really turning it around. The exchange makes it almost a new service. It's worth looking into again.