TGG: The Chrono Mage Chronicles Begin

Pixelot of The Gentleman Gamer writes: "I think we all hope for more RPGs with true replay value. We play the game, we collect the gear, we win the fights, and we follow the story. But what comes after? Here we’re taking a look at a game that’s not even left alpha yet, and I’m already excited.

May I introduce the currently in-alpha RPG, The Chrono Mage Chronicles."

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TheGentlemanGamer1824d ago

Phail-Safe Interactive is the name of the company making the game. Is there a reason they can't be in the tags? I fixed it...just wondering.

italkgame1824d ago

When submitting previews, impressions, and reviews, only the game tag should be added, and not the company tag. This aids users who search for company information, as their search will not be cluttered with previews and reviews of games, but instead will be filled with news and articles directly about the company. If users want to find a list of previews and reviews, they can search the game tag database instead