Top 5 Sonic Titles After The Genesis Era

What are the best Sonic the Hedgehog games since his Genesis golden era? Esteban lists the top 5 best the blue blur has to offer.

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ironfist922480d ago

Does no one remember Sonic Rivals on PSP? I loved that game. NO one talks about it...ever.

kB02480d ago

It wasn't really a sonic game though, it was more like a racing game. Although it's still better than a lot.

dcj05242480d ago

That game was so much fun! I want a 3D sequal on VITA with sonic unleashed/generations controls.

2479d ago
-Foxtrot2480d ago

Replace Sonic Colours with Sonic Generation and Sonic 4 Episode II with Sonic Adventure 2.

kB02480d ago

Sonic Rush AS number 1? And Advance as number 2?

Yeah I'd put Sonic Adventure 2 or Generations at 1.

2. Sonic Adventure 1

3. Sonic CD (if you dont want to count it, Sonic Colors Wii Only)

4. Sonic 4 Episode 2

5. Sonic 2006 (hahaha jks, Sonic Advance)

SegaGamer2479d ago

5 - Sonic Generations

4 - Sonic Shuffle

3 - Sonic 2006 ( yeah i loved it )

2 - Sonic Heroes

1 - Sonic Adventure 2

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