The Five Best Defunct Video Game Developers

These five developers were among the best the industry has ever seen, creating numerous games that are beloved by gamers young and old.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1845d ago

RIP Pandemic. Let's hope DICE does the Battlefront series justice.

tacotruck1845d ago

Truly one of the saddest ends to a great developer

MyFeetHurt1844d ago ShowReplies(1)
Sly-Lupin1844d ago

There are simply too many to count. I'd like to list a few that I'm particularly fond of, though I KNOW I'm forgetting many.

Let's pause a moment and remember:

Volition, developer of Freespace
Micropose, developer of Mechwarrior 2-3
BigHugeGames, developer of Rise of Nations
Relic, developer of Homeworld 1-2
Enix, developer of Dragon Quest 1-8
Squaresoft, developer of Final Fantasy 1-10
LucasArts, developer of Grim Fandango
Clover, developer of Okami
Ensemble Studio, developer of Age of Empires 1-2
Troika Games, developer of Arcanum
Blizzard North, developer of Diablo 1-2
Firaxis Games, developer of Alpha Centauri
Crystal Dynamics, developer of Soul Reaver 1-2

...I'm tempted to add ATLUS to the list, as re-aquisitions almost ALWAYS lead to restructuring and a sharp decrease in quality. But I'm not going to pre-judge. It's worth noting at this juncture, for those who did not notice, that several of the developers I listed above technically still exist, however the actual developers--you know, the people responsible for making the studios what they were--did not survive their company being absorbed by a larger publisher, and subsequent iterations of their games have demonstrated by previous point quite tragically.

MyFeetHurt1844d ago

wow you must be 300 years old

Xof1844d ago

And you must be one helluva douchebag.