Deep Silver Weekend Sale Now Alive on Steam

Steam is having a Deep Silver Weekend! 33-75% off everything including Dead Island, Saints Row and Metro.

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ftwrthtx3772d ago

Damn good prices on some of these games


Metro Video Game Series: A Comprehensive History

The Metro video game series started with a humble b-list title, before building a strong fanbase and becoming a pioneer in the industry.

TheBrainZ14d ago

Never got into Exodus, but 2033 was excellent.

kevco3314d ago

Yeah, Exodus just didn't grab me either, sadly.

I absolutely loved 2033 and Last Light, however. Played them both on 360 and then again with the remasters!

anast14d ago

I just started it and it is already miles better than the first 2 which are dated.


Why Risen might be one of the best RPGs you haven't played

Here's why Risen might be one of the best RPGs you probably haven't played. We'll consider various aspects of Risen and discuss its strengths.

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Dudeson214d ago

I played it a bit, but it's one of those games I just forgot about. Same with the two worlds games, gothic 3 and Arcania: Gothic 4. It sounds and looks nice (for the time) but it just doesn't scratch that itch quite right.

shinoff2183214d ago

Idk why but I usually like their games , risens, elex etc. I've only played risen 2 risen 3, elex and elex 2. I'm gonna get the risen 1 at some point

isarai214d ago

Two Worlds 2 was also incredibly ambitious, wish the sequel would've happened

jznrpg214d ago

Their games have a certain level of jank and wouldn’t hurt to be more difficult but I still had a good time with Two Worlds 2 and would have bought a 3.

shinoff2183214d ago

Shit elex took me a minute to stop being killed but once I learned a few tricks , etc I was doing good

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