Super Mario Galaxy HD? Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto says it’s ‘possible’

GamesBeat: The legendary game designer said that HD remakes might be a “good project” for Nintendo’s development partners to work on.

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-Foxtrot1822d ago

Wouldn't it be better at this point in time to focus on making the spiritual successor to Super Mario 64 like Super Mario Galaxy was for the Wii and Sunshine was for the Gamecube.

I refuse to believe Super Mario 3D World is the Wii U's successor.

JeffGrubb1822d ago

What is wrong with Super Mario 3D World? I think you're starting to fall into the minority of gamers that think that is some kind of gimped 3DS port of 3D Land.

Super Mario 3D World looks astonishing.

darthv721822d ago

well considering that Super Mario 64 took place in a '3D' world......that implies that Super Mario 3D world would be the successor you seek.

FlyingFoxy1822d ago

Agreed it looks good, but so far it seems as if the game has almost the same amount of worlds as 3D Land. Being called 3D world shouldn't there be a bigger difference in the levels/worlds? Like the originals.

Hopefully this game has longer levels and is a bit harder than 3D Land.

-Foxtrot1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I never said it didn't

The point is the spiritual Mario 64 successor always has a unique element to the game that has never been seen before.

Super Mario 64 was the first, it was 3D and featured (at the time) massive 3D worlds to explore

Super Mario Sunshine took you to Delfino Plaza and gave you a cool gameplay gadget FLUDD. Nothing here had been seen in a past Mario game not even on handheld games

Super Mario Galaxy...well it was Mario in Space basically and that had never been done before, again not even on a handheld. Plus the small mini worlds you could go onto to explore were a nice new touch to the game and the game featured other new features seen for the first time.

Super Mario 3D World has been done before in a much smaller game, Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS. The concept of Mario 3D World has already been done in 3D Land, yes it features new stuff, yes it features new power ups etc but the core gameplay is similar to the 3DS version thus it has been done before. Unlike the previous Mario console games this game doesn't feature something new which sets it apart from anything else done before.

I want to see a Mario game that hasn't been seen before like what the past games brought and to me good game or not 3D World just doesn't do that. They need to give us a game which is unique and which manages to one up what we experienced when we played Galaxy for example.

At the time 3D World is what New Super Mario Wii was to the Wii, an upgraded much improved console version of a hand-held game. If it wasn't they would of called it something different

JeffGrubb1822d ago

@Foxtrot Let's play it before we say it's just an update of the 3DS version. To me, from what I've played of it and seen, it looks like the Mario Galaxy team just kept coming up with new ideas and are throwing them all into 3D World.

You're idea of what made Galaxy unique is that the game took place in space? That's not what made it a good game. It's great because every level has some new mechanic and twist. Go look at the latest video for Super Mario 3D World and tell me that isn't filled with tons of new ideas:

-Foxtrot1822d ago

"Let's play it before we say it's just an update of the 3DS version."

First of all I didn't JUST say it was an update but at the end of the day it kind of is. It's the concept took from a handheld game for consoles just like New Super Mario Bros Wii. Secondly don't be one of these people who think you HAVE to play on a game to judge it, Nintendo have shown of plenty already for people to form opinions.

"You're idea of what made Galaxy unique is that the game took place in space? That's not what made it a good game"

I never said it's the only thing which made it a good game, I was using it as one of the points of how it separated it's self from anything we had seen before in a Mario game, something Super Mario 3D World fails to do. I was implying the space setting is what they did to make the game feel different from past games among other stuff in the game

"Go look at the latest video for Super Mario 3D World and tell me that isn't filled with tons of new ideas"

Yeah it has new ideas but nothing we havent really seen before. I hear new music, I see new power ups (something you always see in a new Mario game) and I see plenty of other nice ideas but it's nothing which we havent seen before. As I've said your taking the core concept of the handheld game and expanding on it for consoles versions.

I want to see a Spiritual successor which will blow me away.

The user Concertoine below has a good idea of this, "Multiverse" could be a fantastic concept for the next Mario game. Warping in and out of different parallel worlds of the same level to reach the end of the level. That would be a neat feature.

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jounceman1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Super Mario 3D World seems like the successor you speak of, but it's hard to get excited with the bar SMG set. I just see a fusion of Mario titles spliced together, but nothing ground breaking like Galaxy.

Maybe that's why you feel the way you do?

As far as remakes go, Mario 64 would be a nice one on the list and despite enjoying Sunshine, many believed it was short of Mario expectations. So maybe a remake with Wind Waker HD treatment would "shine" some life back into that game?

There's quite a few titles that are deserving of an HD remake. N64 has some stellar gems, and Wii should have been HD from the beginning so there's much for Nintendo to draw from.

-Foxtrot1822d ago

I don't understand why they never went back to the beginging, why not do another game set in Peaches Castle but make it much, much bigger and have new features that set it apart from Mario 64.

What about if instead of just exploring Peach's Castle you can visit the town/village full of Toads just outside. Add new features to the Castle, improve of stuff seen in Mario 64 and also add stuff they couldn't back then.

Least then by expanding the Hub they are one step closer to making an open world Mario game....something which should of been done next in my opinion. It's not like the Wii U can't do it because it probably can.

PeteyMcPickle1822d ago

Super Mario 3D World looks incredible, but I do see what you're getting at.
The whole idea of going into a single world multiple times, and travelling numerous different paths to fulfill different objectives is pretty much what 3D mario title have always been about. And although Super Mario 3D World doesn't follow the same formula, it does look like a great game.
That said, I can't help but feel that a 'traditional' 3D title will be coming to system in the coming years... Perhaps even announced at E3 2014?

Concertoine1822d ago

I cant say i always agree with you but on this point i do.
I would rather see this Super Mario Multiverse (i can actually see this now that i mention it) or whatever being released near the end of the wii us lifespan. Partly to make better use of the hardware, but also to numb the influx of mario games.

-Foxtrot1822d ago

Love it...the idea of Multi verses is an idea which hasn't been done before in Mario games and is something which would add some amazing features to the game

Imagine warping into another parallel world in a level to get by an obstacle or going to strange worlds altogether using the whole multiverse theory. Mario could end up looking into different universes, maybe one where Bowers in the good guy and (Evil) Mario is the bad guy.

Concertoine1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Yeah, along with narrative twists there could be levels where youre split between 2 universes and ones on the gamepad and ones on the tv. Some would feature little minute differences like a hole in the wall with a collectible in it that isnt on the other screen. Some would be drastically different. This wouldnt limit the game to one gimmick like anti gravity in galaxy. It could even have cameos from other series that would make sense in context (canned idea in galaxy 2).
...Lets go work at nintendo foxtrot :P

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wita1822d ago

I can't wait for the cat suits.

Sadie21001822d ago

I don't want a remake! Give me a new game or even Galaxy 3.

lilbroRx1822d ago

I hope not. I would rather get a completely new games.

This HD obsession is sickening. Bost games looked great a 480p. They don't need an HD update.

duducus1822d ago

He says he would have other studios work on them.

lilbroRx1822d ago

And I would rather those other studios work on something new as well.

duducus1821d ago

That would be even better. :P

deafdani1822d ago

If Nintendo is contemplating making more HD remakes, then PLEASE release an HD remake of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. I missed on it when it was released, and it was very limited, and now that it's sold out, resellers are selling it at absurd prices.

The Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii U would be amazing. It can keep the wiimote + nunchuck control options introduced in the Wii version, but it can also have a control option with Gamepad only (which would still lend itself GREAT for scanning environments and stuff).

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