Incomplete games being released

There has been a big buzz in the gaming community lately about a game known as Dark Matter, made by Iceberg Interactive. It has officially been pulled from both the Steam store and due to reports by users that the game is ‘incomplete’ and has no ending… What? You’re trying to tell me that a game was released that didn’t have an ending?

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kB02522d ago

A lot of indie dev teams are taking advantage of Users now and are starting to use Steam's Early Access as an excuse to release unfinished code.

It's getting disgusting how many games are ask you to take a risk in order to develop their games.

In some cases we just get a final release indie game unfinished, or unoptimized or just broken.

Which is a shame to the true indie developers out there that are making games for the love of getting their idea out there.

I started buying indie games because they seemed to take risks and give fresh new ideas or at least take a game that we love and make it better.

Let's hope this is put a stop to.

Blues Cowboy2522d ago

I agree, but the problem is even bigger than that. Any number of supposedly big PC games release unfinished or poorly optimised - just look at the likes of Total War: Rome 2, anything Paradox Interactive released in 2011-2012, even RAGE. The fact that there's no certification on PC is a good thing, but it's becoming far too easy for developers to just push out incomplete or broken software and just promise to patch it afterwards IMO.

kB02522d ago

AGreed, whats more ridiclulous is the pricing.

No indie game was more than 10$ or 15$, now they are 20- 30$ EARLY ACCESS!

Thats absolutely F'ed UP.

So if it's 20-30 Early Access how much will it be when released?

Don't get me wrong, some indie games play better than 60$ games...but seriously...

abradley2522d ago

I agree that too many companies are releasing unfinished games but I have to also say, I love the early access system.

Yes, some devs can take advantage of us through the system if we pay for something but don't get what we paid for. But it is the same problem when it comes to Kickstarter games. Your investing in a product that may not have a line of code already written.

The problem with scrapping all of this early release and crowd funding business is the fact it would hamper the games industry.

Just take a look at some games that may never have been produced without our help. FTL, Wasteland 2, Star Citizen, Prison Architect, Spacebase-DF9.

They are all excellent looking/playing games. I do think that more measures need to be implemented to prevent misuse of our trust but at the end of the day, it is us that should make sure we're able to take the risk alongside the company. That is the price to pay for a broader gaming selection and more personal involvement with development of our favourite games.

kB0 - Pricing should be dependant on game quality. If an indie game can offer 60+ hours of excellent gaming time, than it should be more than a game that may be fantastic, but only lasts a few hours.

SouthClaw2522d ago

Slightly off topic but staying on topic I have always thought that any dev big or small should release unfinished or beta games obiously stating that they are unfinished or beta. Its fun seeing how things might have ended up.

A good example of this is COD. The amount of canceled maps that dont get finished but they are still playable would be fun to play.

There are loads of unfinished games that just never got the green light. A good example of that is the batman game set in the times of jack the ripper it looked amazing.

abradley2522d ago

Yea, that is the advantage of taking the plunge early on. You get to see development and progress as close as any gamers going to get, beside becoming a developer themself.

More so is the ability for fans to shape the game. Maybe some of those cancelled maps are really popular with the actual gamers and so they make them official by putting in the extra time.