Killzone: Shadow Fall: how PS4 gave Guerrilla “the balls” to be creative

OPM: “We want you to control which kind of roller-coaster you go on”, says Killzone Shadow Fall’s director Steven ter Heide, explaining the new direction behind the shooter’s next gen outing. And this is a very different experience to the previous games. Gone are the big shouty war corridors and focus on moving forwards while shooting everything. This is a Killzone where I spent quite a lot of time in air vents. Not because I had to but because I like air vents. Or at least the opportunities they provide for more sneaky attacks from unexpected angles. Nothing upsets a Helghan more than being killed from behind the checkpoint he’s carefully guarding.

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Destrania1845d ago

This game will be beast. Can't wait.

GirlOnFire1845d ago

Guerrilla balls.. This game has to be huge then. ^~^

ravinash1845d ago

Kill zone + Deus ex.... I like that sound of that.

xReDeMpTiOnx1845d ago

Kz2= masterpiece
Kz3 = generic average shooter
Kzsf= ??????????

Could shadowfall be the fps to have this year

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