Nintendo's surprise: Wii outputs at 720p?

Underwhelmed by the Wii screenshots?

According to the latest issue of the UK's Nintendo: The Official Magazine, the Wii will output at the relatively impressive 720p, not the low-end, and still rumored, 480p.

The magazine says that "At the time of going to print, Wii games will output in 720i and 720p." Of course this is the same magazine that (incorrectly) said that the Wii's base was its power brick.

If it is true, it could be the "revelation" that Nintendo was hinting at.

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shotty5336d ago

The xbox 1 did some games in 720p, since the wii is a bit more powerful and effiecent it should be able to do it aswell.

Marriot VP5336d ago

meh, who cares

anybody who buys a Wii isn't getting it for next gen graphics. They're getting it for nostalgic games and it's questionable new gen gameplay.

frostbite065336d ago

That would be huge. That was actually a big reason i wasnt going to get a wii believe it or not.

Bill Nye5336d ago

Here's how you know it's not true: "720i".

kmis875336d ago

He's right. There is no existing 720i standard, only 720p.

BIadestarX5336d ago

I was thinking about the same thing.

Maddens Raiders5336d ago (Edited 5336d ago )

Don't bank on this working, at all. The Nintendo "art of war" is not to give you a visual feast, but an eternal buffet of old school fun for all mankind. With this said, it's not for "hardcore gamers." I can still fire up my cube for Wii graphics.

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Ravenator5295336d ago

I do think that Wii is for hardcore gamers.

I mean, you have to be a hardcore gamer to swing your controller around in the air like a madman!

Personally, I can't wait to pick one up. But it probably won't be for quite some time. There are too many 360 games on the horizon that will keep me occupied for quite some time.

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