Star Trek: Legacy - Trailer

As the Admiral of the Fleet you choose the ships, equipment, and captains that you will lead into battle. The game is designed to provide an immersive strategic and tactical experience by emphasizing the dramatic excitement of large-scale battles without the hassle of complex starship management. Check out these latest screens. Check out the latest trailer for Star Trek: Legacy.

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DG5830d ago

Never was a star treck fan but I could see how this could be good. As long as it doesnt get to geeky with it.

Xtrm L1481L1TY5830d ago

What is the deal w/ all this Star Trek crap? Does anybody even really care about this game game?

TMoney5830d ago

Whether it's a movie, a tv series, or a video game, the Star Trek franchise continuously disappoints.

We all know that the last great Star Trek movie (actually, the only great Trek movie) was "Wrath of Khan". And the last great Trek series was Next Generation (actually, only three seasons were great) and the last great Trek game was....uhh. Ok...there was never a great Trek game.

Despite the constant let downs by game developers, I continue to have high hopes that this might be the "Yesterday's Enterprise" of games for the Trek franchise. Fingers crossed.

RelloC5830d ago

never would i touch a game based on star trek...

USMChardcharger5830d ago

first off, it is always better to see a game in motion. this game will be a blast, can't wait for multiplayer.

2nd, i would think that this game would interest non trek fans as well. it just looks fun. the way ships break apart, ect.

looks like fun and looks really good. i for one can't wait.

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