The History of Rally Games

YouTube's member 'nfsking2000' has created an interesting tribute to rally games, in which we get to see the actual evolution of this genre from its MS-DOS days to its current-gen ones.

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PoSTedUP2836d ago

awesome!!! thanks for making me realize how disgusting this gen was as far as rally games go...

colin mcrae's
richard burns's
topgear n64
are some of my favorites

WRC this gen stuck to its roots even though milestone took over they really improved and i cant wait for WRC4 on the VITA <---- now thats evolution : )

john22836d ago

RBR all the way (and Mobil 1 Rally Championship) for me

stonecold32836d ago

sega rally was one of my favourite .

IVanSpinal2836d ago

Rallisport Challenge 1 & 2 from DICE (Battlefield 4)
most funny rally games

creeping judas2836d ago

The last great rally game was Colin McRae Rally 2005. Everything after that, went towards the arcade racer market. Now that being said, due to where I live I have never been able to play the WRC series.

Perjoss2836d ago

Richard Burns Rally is still considered the best rally game ever made by many hardcore rally game fans.

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