1st footage of COD Ghost running on ps4

Ign playing cod ghost Playing Wargame mode with 1st ps4 gameplay footage to surface .

joeyisback3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

Glad they showing PS4 footage :-D

LackTrue4K3926d ago

lol!!!!!!!!!!!! @ 1:20 on the video!!!! even the AI is camping!?! hjahahahhaha....

Majin-vegeta3926d ago

Didnt they say the A.I plays like a human?

Mad Aizen3926d ago

Awesome video. This just took "next-gen" back to 2009.

u got owned3926d ago

I can't believe XBO cant run this at 1080p, i mean the graphics look so dated.

Ezz20133926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

no they put all their work in the Fish AI :P

amazing how the first time they show COD they show it on ps4
what about xbox version ?!
BTW i noticed that all multiplat games was shown on ps4
and didn't see any xbox version of them
only see one for BF4 and it was off screen
i wonder why?!

@u got owned
it might be the developer fault not the console it self

LonChaneyTV3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

u got owned -

"I can't believe XBO cant run this at 1080p, i mean the graphics look so dated."

oh you don't need to be so harsh, Battlefield will run at 1080p when ps5 comes out.

badz1493926d ago

needless to say that it doesn't look next gen at all! but we have seen what CoD looks like on pc and a decent GPU from couple of years ago could still max it with no problem!

this kinda make the rumor about it being only 720p on Xbone seems very unlikely. I mean...look at it! it looks like it's running on the iPad!

Hydrolex3926d ago

those are horrible graphics... Nice job Activision, that just looks like a PS3 version

FamilyGuy3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Wow why does this look like current gen?
I remember at the reveal they were showing off arm hair graphics and the game had to have looked better back then. Are we sure the video isn't mislabeled and supposed to say PS3?

Am I going crazy, wtf happened?
BF4 is about to take their crown ease, this makes Killzone look like it's running on the PS6. I'm really confused.
Guess this is what happens when you continue to use an outdated game engine. They seem to be trying to claim that all their "next gen assets" were in the AI of the game. They keep mentioning it anyway, maybe graphics were largely ignore because of that or only a focus in the single player.

I'm not a big cod fan but I'm still disappointed.

mistertwoturbo3926d ago

Is this really PS4 footage?

1080p or not, this looks pretty much the same as its always been.

sinjonezp3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

What's even more funny is before he gets killed, the bot he shot was laying dead in mid air.isn't this game about to release? They must be kidding at acti

jackdaddy3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

I can't believe this is the reason so many kids buy the Xbox AND to rub there faces in it, it's better on the PS4.
This NextGen battle isn't even that, it's a massacre lol.

aCasualGamer3925d ago

This pretty much confirms the fact that Activision is in it for the money only, not for quality. This is exactly the same aa before.

nveenio3925d ago

This looks so horrible. It's practically a shooter on iOS.

Consoldtobots3925d ago

if you give money to activision for this turd of a franchise YOU ARE THE PROBLEM WITH GAMING!!!!!!!

Boody-Bandit3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Why is anyone surprised the graphics are dated? This is a really old engine and Activision is simply too cheap to start a new. This is what happens when you become complacent with a top selling franchise that the media gives a pass on with high marks which each and every sequel release. They are simply riding this into the ground with as minimal upgrades as possible.

I love COD for what it is, a fast twitch run and gun game that's easy to pick up and play. After seeing this video I doubt I will even rent it. I held out a little hope it would be decent but this is worse than even I thought it was going to be.

reko3925d ago

what do you guys expect from a shitty ass game?

Gamer19823925d ago

lol @people going on about why isn't it 1080p on xbone. I know PS4 can run games theoretically at 1080p and most games will run native 1080p but I doubt this will as its still the same old engine despite what the developers say they have just added a HD texture pack on top which demands a LOT of raw power. Why you think its so massive in size (50gb)? The PS4 has the advantage of GDDR5 here but lets be honest it will probably be upscaled to 1080p on both consoles.

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Sniperwithacause3925d ago

I new that video looked familiar. Stopped watching when he climbed on the truck up the roof and pointed to the teammate going into the building. Very old video.

Syntax-Error3925d ago

None of these games were built for nextgen. They are all ports. EVERY GAME is a port, so why are people buying nextgen consoles to play ports of current gen?

scofios3926d ago

To me this is the most disappointing next gen game on both systems

wsoutlaw873926d ago

i remember playing black ops and double checking to make sure my ps3 was in hd. Ghosts looks pretty bad. Every other game ive seen looks better

Ch1d0r13926d ago

From the footage i saw the dog looked better than anything else.