How To Enter Cheat Codes in LEGO: Marvel Superheroes (With All Available Codes)

From Analoghype.com: "LEGO Marvel Superheroes is in stores now, and if you are like me, you are scouring the internet looking for the almighty cheat codes."

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yazter3868d ago

Do they disable Trophies?

Vitalogy3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

In previous LEGO games it didn't disabled trophies but you'll have to find the bricks or whatever would unlock the cheats without the codes in order to get specific trophies.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - 10 Years of Brick Bustin'

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes made it's debut 10 years ago today, and remains a popular entry in the series of LEGO videogames.

badz149216d ago

The game so good I had to buy it twice on the PS4!

actually, it was because my toddler broke my first copy in half LOL

ChasterMies216d ago

My kids thought I was dumb for selling the Xbox 360 and buying a PS4 until Legal Marvel Superheroes dropped on PS+ a couple of months later. The game is like GTA for kids with couch co-op and a lot of humor.

badz149214d ago

The game is still one of the best LEGO games ever IMO. The sequel was a letdown for me


eShop WB Games Publisher Game Sale

Daily Video Game writes: "eShop is running a new game sale that offers big discounts on several digital games published by WB Games for Nintendo Switch gamers right now, with many LEGO games being on sale for a limited time."

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badz149216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

wrong article


Review: Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Nintendo Switch) - JumpCut PLAY

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is an excellent pairing of Lego's whimsical fun and the awe of the Marvel universe, faithfully ported to the Switch.

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