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Lego Marvel Super Heroes review for Nintendo Switch: The classic Lego title fares really well on Nintendo's current hardware. Here's how.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - 10 Years of Brick Bustin'

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes made it's debut 10 years ago today, and remains a popular entry in the series of LEGO videogames.

badz14942d ago

The game so good I had to buy it twice on the PS4!

actually, it was because my toddler broke my first copy in half LOL

DeusFever42d ago

My kids thought I was dumb for selling the Xbox 360 and buying a PS4 until Legal Marvel Superheroes dropped on PS+ a couple of months later. The game is like GTA for kids with couch co-op and a lot of humor.

badz14940d ago

The game is still one of the best LEGO games ever IMO. The sequel was a letdown for me


eShop WB Games Publisher Game Sale

Daily Video Game writes: "eShop is running a new game sale that offers big discounts on several digital games published by WB Games for Nintendo Switch gamers right now, with many LEGO games being on sale for a limited time."

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badz14942d ago (Edited 42d ago )

wrong article


Review: Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Nintendo Switch) - JumpCut PLAY

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is an excellent pairing of Lego's whimsical fun and the awe of the Marvel universe, faithfully ported to the Switch.

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