The Ten Best Zombie Games

GamR Mag Writes: "We have seen nearly every possible scenario of zombies featured in games, from dark, post apocalyptic settings to using plants to ward off the undead. No matter how unique or bizarre their presentation, we here at GamR Mag love zombies, and these are our ten favorites of all time."

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MultiConsoleGamer3392d ago

Telltale Games The Walking Dead is my personal favorite.

Grave3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I have that on Steam, but I think I am going to get it with the Vita bundle. From what I played it was fun!

I do hope Ho-to-Survive is good, like 1 day left!

MajorGecko3392d ago

I had it on xbox and got to episode 3 before i stopped playing, then I got the Vita bundle and played it with the touch screen controls (and analog) and it was awesome I will defo get season 2 for Vita over consoles

Grave3392d ago

^ Cheers mate. I might be doing the same. Good info, thx!

Grave3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

sry double post

antz11043392d ago

No Left 4 Dead 2 or State of Decay.

Fail List

3392d ago
Legion213392d ago

State of Decay is probably my favorite, it's amazing for an arcade release. Can't wait to see what they can do when they make a full retail game.

JeffKaos3392d ago

I agree. Event though I was already excited about the game before it released I was stunned by how good it was for an XBLA title. While it's far from perfect I expect to see a lot of what Undead Labs did with their game being copied by other developers in future AAA titles.

Darkfire3693392d ago

For me, it's definitely The Last of Us. Had one of the best stories in a game in a long time, had great characters, and immersive gameplay. I even loved the multiplayer (though it doesn't have zombies). I do like The Walking Dead and Resident Evil, but TLOU was truly amazing.

Jovanian 3392d ago

Okay so people insist TLOU isn't just a zombie game and now people are insisting that it is a zombie game...well which is it

Darkfire3693388d ago

Well, the website listed TLOU, so I'm assuming they're regarding it as a zombie game. I never insisted on either, so I don't know what you mean by that in this case.

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