The Five Most Disappointing Video Games Of All Time

For every game that truly lives up to its potential, there are a couple that absolutely miss their mark. Be it a simple case of over hyping an unfinished product, to game systems that downright are broken, or even just a game being inexcusably horrible, some games just leave a terrible taste in people’s mouths.

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UnHoly_One3873d ago

I still loved Too Human for all of it's flaws.

If only Denis Dyack knew how to keep his mouth shut, the game's reception might have been very different.

Gamer6663873d ago

Agreed, Too Human was flawed, but the story was strong and the RPG elements were strong.

The control scheme was the only real lackluster part of the game... Unfortunately, you are reminded at how flawed the control scheme was in every single level and every single battle in the game...

UnHoly_One3873d ago

I have to disagree about the controls. They were different, but it worked, and made for a unique experience.

I never had a problem with the controls at all.

pixelsword3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Why is it that people always want to put Lair down in a list like that, but when you see comments about it, most people who played the game enjoyed the game? The game wasn't broken, the game wasn't incomplete, the controls just had a steep learning curve, and most of that was basically keeping your controller straight after turning, and 180 turns, both were fixed after the patch.

People hated on this game merely because it was 1080p and (mostly) 60fps, and it came out early in the PS3's life-cycle; certain fanboys masquerading as journalists knew if this game bombed, people wouldn't invest in other games that were that ambitious and that's exactly what happened because after that games were cancelled (8-days) or delayed to the PS4 (last guardian).

Kleptic3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

^seriously dude?

I was as excited for Lair as anyone...and omg did it suck...

a story that...i'm not even going into it...the dialogue? ('why don't you try spitting some fireballs at them??' over and over and over)...

sorry man...that game was complete trash...there were plenty of early PS3 games that i feel got very unfair treatment within the media...but a conspiracy against Lair is something i could never agree with...it was just a shitty game...plain and simple...to each their own, though...

hell, i thought Haze was better than Lair...and haze was damn near unplayable...

JasonKCK3872d ago

Too Human is pretty good for an unfinished game. It also has one hell of a dedicated fanbase.

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GuyThatPlaysGames3873d ago

Definitely Too Human. Also, I would add Haze and Duke Nukem.

joe903873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Too Human was OK i don't get everyones hate of it. I enjoyed the leveling of the armour and weapons.

APB is still played by the thousands and makes a very steady income from it.

Why no Damnation,Haze,Duke Nukem Forever or Rogue Warrior? They're the worst/over-hyped games i have ever played.

I know this is an opinion piece so it is what it is.

TheEnigma3133873d ago

I think rogue warrior needs to be on here. And why Isn't E.T. on here since we're talking about all time terrible games. That game single handily crashed the video game world.

isarai3873d ago

maybe because it's not "all time terrible games" it's "Most Disappointing Video Games Of All Time" even in commercials and the promise of ET was trash, no one was expecting greatness from that game. but yes Rogue Warrior was horrid compared to what it was meant to be, wasn't even close to it's target

Ghostdogg3872d ago

Rouge warrior was pure garbage and lol@ E.T.

iamnsuperman3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

For me Haze. I was interested to play it. That was until I played the demo. Picked it up in a bargain bin later on after its launch and I am glad I did........pick it out of a bargain bin and not pay full price

SuperBlur3873d ago

APB , that game went from having a 100mill dollar budget to bankruptcy so fast , it should be a record on its own

raistra3873d ago

Such a great studio lost to that game :(

KonsoruMasuta3873d ago

No Dude Nukem: Forever? That games had so much hype surrounding it and it turned out to be a steaming pile.