1UP Previews Milestone Shooting Collection

1UP writes: "Karous, a melancholy shooter about a girl of the same name, was released on Dreamcast last year, becoming the system's last official game. Now, Karous escapes from the world of high-priced limited editions and comes to the Wii in a more affordable form in Japan, and joining it are the other two shooters in developer MileStone's repertoire: Chaos Field, the bosses-only shooter released for GameCube in 2005, and Radirgy (it was once intended for release in the U.S. as "Radio Allergy"), a cel-shaded game with a more whimsical look than the others -- or most shooters, in fact.

MileStone's shooters all have similar mechanics: the ability to destroy certain enemy bullets with your own, slightly thinning out the barrage of fire, and a secondary sword attack, which in Chaos Field lets you destroy even more bullets. In Karous and Radirgy, the sword can be used to bounce power-ups and score medallions to increase their value".

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