Top 5 Samurai Games To Play

Samurai games are fun to play because players are able to play as one of not only history's greatest warriors.


It seems that my original draft/article without The Way of The Samurai got uploaded by accident. The article is updated now and the game is on the list now. The Way of The Samurai is on the list from my original draft/article.
I apologize for any misunderstandings.

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Goro2799d ago

No Way of the Samurai? Fail.

GrizzliS19872799d ago

only game i wanted to see, then i see your comment. sigh

NukaCola2799d ago

I loved Way of the Samurai.

I really wish someone would take on the open world samurai game. I would love to play as a wandering samurai who gets into all kinds of classic stuff. If only it happened,,,

3-4-52799d ago

This article is why you make AT LEAST Top 10 lists.

Top 5 never covers everything because there is NEVER JUST 5 at the top.

The next 5 behind those are arguably just as good.

izumo_lee2799d ago

What where is Bushido Blade!? That game was epic as sh*t!

Inception2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Agreed. They even left Samurai Showdown / Spirit from the list :(

And do you remember Soul of the Samurai by Konami on PS1?
Very underrated title >.<

Too bad SEGA doesn't localize Yakuza Kenzan. But i hope the localize Yakuza Ishin (crossing my fingers)...

Anyone play Seven Samurai 20xx for PS2? I don't have the chance to play it. But i heard it's good.

exceeding092799d ago

I know Samurai Showdown, a classic, and Soul of the Samurai. As I commented, there are many samurai games to choose from and its difficult to choose the top 5, with other people's opinions. After all, my article is an opinion piece.

Inception2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Well i knew it's just an opinion. But at least you can mention some of their names on your article. So, your readers knew that you still appreciate the titles, even all of those titles doesn't make on your top five list. Just my little suggestion. No offence ok :)

Clarence2799d ago

Thank you. Those one slice kills were always fun.

izumo_lee2799d ago

I loved how strategic the game was as well. Running around the open field trying to find an opening & cursing when your arm is injured & have to go one handed.

Also the lack of music when you battle gave the fights a more realistic feel. You only hear your swords clang & the ambient sounds around you.

Great game by Square when they were experimenting more often with their titles.

exceeding092799d ago

I have and played Bushido Blade before and its a wonderful game. It was difficult to choose from the many samurai games out there for the top 5.

exceeding092799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

I appreciate the comments, negative and positive. Since its an opinion piece, everyone's opinions are different and not everyone is going to agree. Kessen was also a good game too. The list could go to Top 6, Top 10, Top 20, Top 50 and so on. There are many samurai games to decide from and could be difficult to choose for the top 5.

Please add your own Top 5 Samurai Games to the comments.