THEY: Mysterious new FPS Q&A

THEY claims to be a "mystery first-person shooter" for PC, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3. How do you create this feeling and what sort of techniques are used to provoke this sense of mystery?

The story-telling in THEY doesn't influence the fast paced action of a FPS game – it has dynamic battles, a living environment and those bad creatures you have to kill. But the story has some issues common with plots of mystery movies! After some analysis we figured out that one key element, which transports mystery is the so-called dualism and this is what we will show in THEY. On the one hand you have a real environment, which everybody knows (London) – on the other hand some mysterious phantoms and you don't know what they are. Another way is to build up characters' credibility during the storyline, you feel positive with them, you trust them – and suddenly something happens, which topples your big picture! This is what the essence of mystery is and it'll take some time to get an overall picture. For players this means, they have been aware of several surprises and nothing seems to be like it is in the beginning…

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DViOUS1ONE3831d ago

Wasn't this a name of a horror movie that was written by Wes Craven?
Well if it is then we might be shooting at demons

yanikins1113831d ago

Is this game based on that movie? If so it could be really cool. Anyone who's seen the movie knows that "they" exist in a parralel kind of world. It would be cool if you could somehow jump in and out doing battle with slimey dark evil things.

"Meet my little friend" <pulls out 4000 watt light bulb>

Xanj3831d ago

Those screens don't look half bad. I like how they are using their own graphics engine for more freedom. Unreal engine is great and all, but so many games use it.

LazyPhalanges3831d ago

They have to be careful not to put all their effort into the “weapon tuning system”, because just like in a racing game, customizing cars/weapons won’t be fun unless there is an awesome game to use them in.