Global Hardware and Software weekly ending October 12th

Pokemon X/Y (3DS) tops the charts with 4,128,542 sold in 1st week. psv sales triple and ps3 past 80 million sold now 1.5 million ahead of the xbox 360.
3DS 423,798
PS3 174,659
PSV 96,519
X360 76,296
WiiU 67,662
PSP 27,250
Wii 21,072
DS 5,816

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mandf3930d ago

WOW the vita outsold the 360

Lalanana3930d ago

lol maybe because almost everyone already have a 360?

ever think of that?

Stsonic3930d ago

Ever think the vita outselling the 360 is out of the norm, ever think of that?

aceitman3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

@lalanana did u ever think y u have 2 bubbles. not everyone has each system , should there be a point when a system will stop selling ,cause , u know everyone has one . no that is not possible cause not everyone will buy a system . and yes wow the vita outsold the 360 way to go sony ,hopefully it will continue to sell well. and well said stsonic. its only logical .

WarThunder3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Whos everyone? last time i check ps2 had 145 million consoles sold and still didn't have everyone...

OnTopic, Good to see Beyond: Two Souls in the top 5.

Ezz20133930d ago

almost everyone already have a ps3
and pse sold more than xbox360
why ps3 still selling this much then ?!

BTW i don't trust Vgchartz
just making a point

Bathyj3930d ago

PS3 outsells X360 in America for the first time in 3 years and Vita out outsells it worldwide, maybe the first time ever, and all a month before both companies are about to launch their new consoles.

You dont think ANY of that is significant at all?

This business is all about having momentum, and keeping it. Who do you think has it and whose losing it?

shoddy3930d ago

Bu bu but teh salessss!

scott1823930d ago

PS3 still going very strong, Vita getting better. 3DS is killing it!

Clunkyd3930d ago


I think you need to get your head checked.

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Watari3213930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

N4G FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

2 bubbles was put down

tubers3930d ago

50-60K came from Japan's recent PCH-2000 model.

Eonjay3930d ago

Nice Jump for Vita and Wii U. 3DS is exceptional.

OlgerO3930d ago

Holy shit a 1500% jump for vita in Japan. What the hell got released there ?

Concertoine3930d ago

jesus look at those 3ds sales! considering the 3ds will probably have a longer lifespan than the ds i wonder where it'll sit compared to that system in the long run.
same for vita.

mrbojingles3930d ago

They sold 14 million in 2011/2012 and are aiming for 18 million this year (which is entirely attainable with $129 2DS and Pokemon)

I'm guessing and I could be really wrong that sales will go like this
2014: 17.5 million 2015: 15 million 2016: 13.5 million 2017: 11 million 2018: 8 million 2019: 5.5 million 2020: 2 million for a total of 118-125 million. Not near DS levels but not bad either. I'd say 2017 will be the year they release their next-gen handheld which may be a handheld/console hybrid

TekoIie3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

It could vary. It's a bit too early to tell to be honest although, if Ninty can make 2015/2016 look as good as 2013/2014 does then I'm sure that it could be on track to being the best selling platform.

mrbojingles3930d ago

Really, really good to see a bump in Wii U sales even if it is still sorta floundering in Japan.

mrbojingles3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Lol, someone disagrees with a platform having healthier though still modest sales?

hduce3930d ago

Gotta love the fanboys!!!!