Capcom's 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia Shows the Studio's Slow Decline

Hardcore Gamer: The book makes Capcom's drop in quality more apparent than ever. Asura’s Wrath/Dragon’s Dogma, Jim Peyton (Lost Planet 3) and NIlin (Remember Me) are all featured, even though Dragon’s Dogma is the only one of these games that has a shot of being relevant five years from now.

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-Foxtrot1981d ago

I really hope Capcom goes down and other companies buy their IP's....thats the best outcome for all of us. Yeah some titles may end up going exclusive if people like Sony/Microsoft buy some of the IP's but I'd rather have respected IP's with amazing games exclusive to one platform rather then see the IP's go to waste at Capcom. If Sony got Resident Evil and Microsoft got Dead Rising while Nintendo is off with Megaman then so be it.

HelpfulGamer1981d ago

Oddly somebody is giving money to Capcom. Their stock is going up.

DarkBlood1981d ago

yeah im 50/50 on capcom going under, cuz i certainly dont want the wrong people getting a hold of any one of thier ip's

1981d ago
maniacmayhem1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

No way, I would never want to see Capcom go down. Say what you want about them but they have put out some of the best video games ever. They deserve to stick around, every company has had faults or blunders. And these guys deserve some respect and given a chance to redeem themselves.

Capcom just needs to focus on great games again and forget about this price gouging DLC they seem to have adopted. They need to get great producers and game developers back like Shinji Mikami and Keiji Inafune.

If they are going to lend out their IP's they need to make sure that they give them to capable developers. I didn't mind the new DMC because the gameplay was actually just as good as the originals but what was missing was the great Japanese type of flair and action.

No way would I want to see Capcom go down and no way would I want to see their IP's divided and made exclusive to different consoles.

Garrison1981d ago

Nah man that's the worse that could happen.

Another company buying capcom's ips doesn't necessarily mean that they are going to do anything smart with them.
Look at what happened to RARE. All of it's IPs went straight to nowhere and even if they do use the ips they arent' the same cuz when the company goes on sale they people usually bounce as well.

Juste_Belmont1981d ago

Capcom should take a look at their past works and bring something back that they think would work. I think that having a tough time finding success might be good for them, as it may bring back the need for more creativity. Necessity is the mother of invention.

TomahawkX1981d ago

I think they should merge with Namco or Sega

Last_Boss1981d ago


You and I think just alike, cause I said SEGA, for some huge reasons.


TomahawkX1981d ago

It would be cool if all 3 merged, it would be like Project X Zone but in real life.

_QQ_1981d ago

They don't have that kind of money.

Last_Boss1981d ago

Still Grabbing a copy of this.

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