Which IP Should Rockstar Games Do Next?

PlayStation Beat: With recent mumblings of what Rockstar Games plans to do post-GTA V, PSB decided to go back and rank their library from this generation. Which one came out on top?

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Lalanana3389d ago

Read dead redemption sequel.

That is all.

EZMickey3389d ago

Nah, there's so much more Rockstar could do.

I would like to see Manhunt 3 with a decent control scheme and really expansive gameplay mechanics and unique situations. I think the toughest challenge is just that Manhunt is too violent for mainstream media, there's no two ways around it. Rockstar could barely get away with the torture scene in GTA 5 without people bitching and moaning about it. A new Bully would also be cool and personally, I'd like to see a new Lemmings game :P

I would love to see Rockstar bring a new IP especially something in a fantasy or sci fi setting just to see how they handle it. As much as I love Rockstar I feel as if they need to expand their catalogue in that regard.

Spinal3389d ago

Manhunt & Bully? How boring.

Red Dead next or Rockstar doing a super hero game that uses that huge open world they are capable of making. A Superman game would be awesome by Rockstar.

theBAWSE3389d ago

simple.... . 'AGENT'

probably now a ps4 exclusive instead of ps3

Funantic13389d ago

Ah man, Manhunt 1 was a good game. Rockstar has so much to choose from...Bully, Red Dead, L.A. Noire.

gaffyh3389d ago

Agent, because they said they were making it and shouldn't go back on their word.

AliTheSnake13389d ago

Red Dead Redemption was just released. Can't see how they can top that story.
Definitely Bully . So much potential.

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ZHZ903389d ago

Definetly Red Dead Redemption all the way.

3-4-53389d ago

Red Dead Redemption Direct Sequel or New IP

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ssj273389d ago

Agree! But they first need to port GTAv to PC and next gen consoles next year with all the expansion packs for free.. please and thank you.

Red_Devilz3389d ago

Red Dead Redemption PREquel.


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Red_Devilz3389d ago

Emmm....except it is not a Rockstar Games IP.

It is/was Sucker Punch (same guys who make InFamous)

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king_george3389d ago

Thank you someone said it lol. But that game is probably dead. I hope not tho

Dirtnapstor3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Agent is still on task from what I've read. Looking forward to it, I'm sure it will be an involved game.

Aside from that, I'm expecting a Red Dead sequel. That game was fantastic.

skyremote3389d ago

The cell is the reason why Agent and the Last guardian wont come out.

There is a reason why Sony dropped it for the PS4.

What an epic fail the Cell was.

king_george3388d ago

Well to be fair theres alot of awesome games that would not have been as awesome without it. The uncharted series comes to mind immediately

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