Felicia Day Explains Why She's Hooked On RPGs

The avid gamer and founder of Geek & Sundry discusses her love of RPGs and explains how The Longest Journey influenced her own career in this exclusive interview.

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DDDGirlGamer851923d ago

shes awesome! Now if she could just stop charging 25$/ autograph. :(

Stsonic1923d ago

Anyone who charges for an autograph or a picture is a douche bag in my opinion

Auron1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Exactly they seem to forget if it wasn't for the FANS they wouldn't be where they are now. Yet they still get more from em.

-Foxtrot1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Because it fuels her career

Sorry Felicia fans but with all the interviews she's in it just comes off that she uses the gaming industry as a way to boost her rep. I mean she's not in the big movies so I feel like she uses this as a way to keep herself relevant by not falling into the background and fizzle out as an actor

ATi_Elite1923d ago

Felicia Day is a Hollywood wannabe who uses the Gaming Industry as a Crutch.

She is a D list actress at best and Foxtrot is 110% right. This chick chats up Gaming ONLY as a way to stay relevant.

Won't be long before we see this chick in a Toys R Us licking a PS4.

Pintheshadows1923d ago

I can't stand her. She ruined Eureka for me and I avoid her Supernatural episodes like the plague. She CANNOT act so this is the only way for her to stay relevant.

'Oh, look at me, i'm a gamer chick and i'm all quirky'.

Great, could you go preach about it in the privacy of your own home where I don't have to see your devoid of talent face.

I don't hate many things.

gamerlive1923d ago

She's been in some hit TV shows

-Foxtrot1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Lots of TV shows but not many hit TV shows

The majority of her appearances have been one off episodes. The longest thing she was in was Eureka as Holly where she was in for 18 episodes. I think she was in Buffy as well for 7 episodes but that was only for the last series.

It was only after the Guild online episodes she saw how far the gaming industry would get her after her careerer in acting wasn't getting her big enough roles and from then on that's where all this has started to be honest.

Pintheshadows1923d ago

She is in three episodes of Supernatural which, as a huge Supernatural fanboy, I cannot watch.

Treian1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

She plays charlie in supernatural as well.

just-joe1923d ago

I only know her from the Legend of Neil, that's it. I honestly don't get her appeal.

matrixman921923d ago

only good thing she has ever been in has been Dr Horribles sing along blog. She is just as guilty as Olivia Munn for being one of those "love and worship me nerds" girls...but at least Olivia Munn is trying to expand to film, and she is actually not bad in the show the Newsroom.

Also, for anyone that watches mega64..they love to rip on her for the whole charging that much for autographs. One of my favorite quotes of theirs "Hey, have you seen the guild? Its tight, they like play a game. You should give Felicia Day money."