Need For Speed Rivals "More Visually Impressive" On PS4 Than PC

GR: Need for Speed Rivals, the upcoming racer from Electronic Arts, is said to be more visually impressive on PlayStation 4 than PC.

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Kayant1916d ago

WTH??? I don't even know..... Gimped PC version confirmed if true.

Sev1916d ago

Yeah, that might be the case. Because PC should be > PS4 every time.

Oh well, this is a good thing for PS4 owners.

I_am_Batman1916d ago

The PC version should have the potential to go much further than the console version considering the fact that the hardware is customizable. Most PC games are done with future hardware in mind. I don't see how a gimped PC version is a good thing for PS4 gamers though cause it doesn't make the PS4 version look better than it would anyway.

zebramocha1916d ago

@batman that doesn't make sense,the ps4 is fixed hardware,if the dev is accounting for the minimal requirement for pc and that performance is lower than the ps4 then it should be easier to have the ps4 look better.

NatureOfLogic1916d ago

@ Kayant, lmao I agree with you. Blame Xbox One for holding back the PC version. I had to lol at PC getting gimped by Xbox One and not PS4.

Computersaysno1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Remember NFS Most wanted from 2005 that launched on 360 and then PS3? I do. Because they gimped the PC version. The next gen console version had slightly better effects despite the fact that it only ran 1280 * 720 and the PC version obviously supported and easily ran in 1080p.

EA usually gimp PC versions of games and fail to match them to next gen for the first year or so.

ShinMaster1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

It's because some multiplatform games are developed primarily for consoles.
So the only advantage PC would have is maybe higher res, frames and AA.

Many multiplatform games are dependent on consoles anyway.

FamilyGuy1915d ago

Maybe they just didn't have the settings maxed on the PC version. Either way they old comment about people being surprised about what one console was capable of just came into play.

Lots of us are surprised by this.

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Xsilver1916d ago

so that confirms that out of the Xone and PS4 version the PS4 is the one that looks better.

Lalanana1916d ago

i dont need nfs..i'll get forza 5.. best out of the bunch

acharlez1916d ago

@Lalanana Forza 5 does look pretty great.

HeavenlySnipes1916d ago

Forza and NFS are two different types of racing games

FamilyGuy1915d ago

Was just about to say the same thing Heavenly, racing games have sub-genres, just like how there are different types of shooters and different types of RPGs.

sincitysir11915d ago

All I need is realistic damage and I don't care what genre it is.

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acharlez1916d ago

Yeah... sure sounds like it. Welp, looks like I'll be going PS4 on this one.

DeadlyFire1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

1BX version ported to PC with DX 11.2
PS4 version on PSSL 1.x :0

I am sure the PC version could look better though. I wouldn't rule it out just yet, but I suspect if it doesn't then its a pure port to PC rather than an upgrade. In that case the PS4 version could have a slightly enhanced advantage.

cyhm31121916d ago

yeah yeah, you know better than the developer, pc version looks better yeah yeah!!

KUV19771916d ago

Doesn't the PC version run with 60fps and the consoles are locked at 30? Not that I personally care that much, but slightly blurrier textures with double the frame rate could be preferrable to many in a game like NfS.

Brix901916d ago


Some console game are playing at 60fps so no locked frame rate.

KUV19771915d ago

Of course some console games run at 60fps but NfS is locked at 30, but as I found out just briefly after my post, the PC version is also locked at 30fps, although I assume that this will quickly be modded away. I'm just glad it looks good on PS4. Played it at GamesCom and thought it was rather nice.

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GribbleGrunger1916d ago

“What we’re seeing with the consoles are actually that they are a little bit more powerful than we thought for a really long time – especially one of them, but I’m not going to tell you which one," Nilsson told at Gamescom earlier today.

“And that makes me really happy. But in reality, I think we’re going to have both those consoles pretty much on parity – maybe one sticking up a little bit. And I think that one will look as good as the PC.”

DeadlyFire1916d ago

Well they could both look amazing if the weaker one picks lower resolutions for its games then graphics will look about the same, but its picture will be smaller.

Mike134nl1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Gimped might be depends what kinda pc polygon was playing on.
Otherwise if its a good game some pc guys will pick up EA's slack and come up with some new texture map.

heliumhead20301916d ago

Why is this on here as a fact when he doesn't mention which version

Rageanitus1915d ago

wait and SEE.

Alot of developers DO this to make it seem better than it really is.

Just look at final fantasy marketing on the x360 or la noire.

BallsEye1915d ago

Let's not forget this is someone's word that had hands on, not even official statement. It can't be worse than PC it's just IMPOSSIBLE. How can anyone believe this, considering even ps4 demos were running on pc crashing to windows

Kayant1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Loooool it's funny to how fanboys react :p.... Even though polygon & kotaku have both said the same thing about the builds they played being pretty much the same as the pc build on hand. Obviously this news means EA are doing a lazy console port. And also it's locked 30fps on all platforms.

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pyramidshead1916d ago

I don't think that can be possible can it? lol o.O. Better than other consoles maybe..but PC I doubt it.

acharlez1916d ago

I know... hard to believe, but it is what it is.

Feralkitsune1915d ago

Unless the devs simply haven't put any time into the PC version and are focusing on the next gen consoles. It's very possible.

bahabeast1916d ago

Lmao. I am going to enjoy this generation I can see it now ps4 versions on par with pc. :)

TheKayle11916d ago

.....i hope for u that u trolling coz u preparing urself for an high delusional life

Xsilver1916d ago

PC elitist above me ^(O_o)^

Saryk1916d ago

Next they will be saying that the PS4 has more exclusives than PC. And it is not elitist if it is true!

Tzuno1916d ago

Wait until you see a ps4 in flames. :)

kingduqc1916d ago

I have been playing on a higher res for the past 3 years then what the ps4 will deliver.. Not sure how ps4 is on par with pc.

There is some game that arn't even 1080p or 60 fps,Years ago that was the standard on pc

Feralkitsune1915d ago

On par implies that you guys will actually be 1080p+ games at higher than 30FPS. Which, I don't see happening for a very long time, if ever.

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Jovanian 1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

There are two explanations for this scenario

1.) Developers royally f&*ked up the PC port

2.) These guys are blowing smoke out their bums

I fail to see how a 'higher incidence of issues such as parts of the world failing to load' is their criteria for being more impressive. More impressive how?

KonsoruMasuta1916d ago

"Later, we switched to the PS4 version and were surprised to find a game that looked even more impressive than its PC counterpart, with better texture detail, improved lighting on cars and sharper graphics overall."

It's funny how you failed to quote that. I think that's what they mean as being more impressive.

You also forgot that your quote was only half of a sentence. Here is the other half.

"but developer Ghost Games assured us they would have those problems ironed out in time for launch."

Anyways, no need to get butthurt. N4S isn't as good as it used to be anyways.

Jovanian 1916d ago

Well I missed the part about why they thought it was more impressive, but if that is the case refer to points 1.) and 2.)

Also, the meaning of this quote "but developer Ghost Games assured us they would have those problems ironed out in time for launch" is that it is not ironed out yet. Aka, the fact that it will look better in the future should not influence their CURRENT impressions of the game.

MasterCornholio1916d ago

That clears it for me.

So according to the developers the PS4 version will be the same as the PC version while the XBOX One (due to its weaker hardware) will be inferior to both of them.

This supports the comment that they made in the past and im glad that they are not gimping the PS4 version so its on the same level as the XBOX One version.