SCALE is a first-person puzzler that has you re-sizing the world

Like Portal, SCALE is a fascinating first-person puzzler that replaces a traditional gun with an inventive new gameplay mechanic. In CubeHeart's game, you have the ability to resize objects in the world: making bigger or smaller as you see fit. It's easy to imagine the puzzling opportunities enabled by the scaling mechanic.

As is typical for many indie games nowadays, CubeHeart is seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter. The team is trying to raise $87,000, which should be enough to cover development expenses, and pay developers.

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WeAreLegion2898d ago

Sounds pretty freakin' awesome. I'm in!

DAS6922898d ago

YES!!! I hope this is released on next-gen consoles!

DigitalRaptor2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Great innovative concept, lovely looking game.

And cat humor. I'm sold.

RickHiggity2898d ago

This looks fun!!! I'll keep this on my radar.