Console Monster: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Review

Console Monster writes: "Ever since Pro Evolution Soccer debuted in 2001, the series has been FIFA's main competitor to be crowned the best football (or soccer) title. Up until recently, FIFA would take the crown with ease though it seems Pro Evolution Soccer is closing the gap. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 was released at the end of October 2008 on the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 which didn't prove to be as big a hit as previous titles, mainly due to extensive slow-down, but will the Wii version redeem faith in Pro Evolution Soccer's on-going race to number one or will the series drop further into the relegation zone? Read on to find out...

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on the Nintendo Wii contains a wide-range of game modes. The Master League seen in previous Pro Evolution Soccer games has been replaced by "Champions Road" in which players choose a team full of fictional players. With their team, players aim to win continental leagues with each league made up of four teams (including your team). Every time a player wins a match, as well as receiving the vital three points, they also have the option to select a player card from the opposing team pack. Once the player selects the player card of their choice, the in-game player is automatically signed to their team. Whilst this seems slightly childish compared to the original Master League, it is a clever way for players to build up their team and can be good fun in the process having a top quality player in a team full of fictional players. I also see it as a clever cover-up for the lack of licenses. Other game modes include training, penalties, leagues and matches – all of which have been seen before..."

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